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No Access to Calipers


I know...I know..people get flamed to shit for asking what their bodyfat % is. It really doesn't matter much if you don't like what you see in the mirror, or better yet..it doesn't matter if you like what you see either.

It does matter when you read various diet protocols that say one can afford so many cheat feeds per week depending upon their bodyfat range. Or..when calculating cals for a gaining phase or knowing whether to partake in an all out gaining phase. Most advice I read says to stop "bulking" when you are over the 10% mark..which seems a bit ridiculous to me but w.e.

So..in light of THOSE reasons..looking at my avatar..would you say I'm under 12%? I don't care about an exact number...just an estimation of range so I know the guidelines to follow in terms of dietary advice by that of Shelby Starnes or the like in regards to cheat feeds, gaining phases etc.


You're right. People get flamed for this. Everybody knows you need to hold up a shoe for an accurate bf estimate


I'm distracted by your long, Fabio-esque, flowing locks


Lol. I have many shoes that I can hold up to give you a more accurate estimate. God dammit though...for real, am I around or under 12%?


^^On a completely serious note and with all due respect... you make the most pointless threads.

pics are deceiving unless you post a series of pictures. You could hold lots of fat on your legs or lower back and you cant tell from a single semi side pose.

go to a gym and get tested. Its not like you live in Pakistan... just go and pay for someone to do a caliper test since you care so much.





Greg, I do live in Pakistan


x2 People really only post idealizations of their physique (perfect lighting, shadows, posing, etc.) Depending on how I stand and angle the camera and use lighting I could take pics that would make you guess I was 10% and others that I was 25%.


you dont live in Florida?

Well i've spent some time in Pakistan before and I'm sure you can find someone there with a set of calipers lol


Try giving my friend Saboor Al-Bashar a call at the Inam Martial Art Academy and Fitness Centre. They're at House No. 217 just near PNS Haider, Gizri Avenue Road, Phase IV, DHA, in Karachi. I'm pretty sure their number is +92-21-35864570 but it's been a while since the phones been working, ever since that incident with Kamran Khan, the Pakistani National Cricket Team, and that camel.

Anyways, tell Saboor I said hi and let us know where your measurements come in.