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No Ability to Gain Weight

Hello CT,

I´d like to ask you about your experience if you ever had a client like me.

When I was a kid I used to be obese. Around age 18 I started eat „well“ and became skinny, no muscle. I started lifting 3 years ago and I am still around 80 kg (175 lbs). Last year I tried to learn things about nutrition, lifting etc. I found thibarmy, watched all your videos and starting to be interested in neurotyping.

I found me like a type 2B but have some aspects from 3. But that´s not object of question.

Last 3 years I ate 3 meals a day. I still ate „well“ but whatever I wanted – pasta, bread, homemade pizza, all kinds of meat but no sugar, no junk, no candies, a lot vegetable, fruit.

Only what I gained was fat around my belly, but no muscle. So I tried to count what I normally ate and I was around 3000 kcal a day. So I dropped the carbs and lost some fat. But since that I have problem to gain, even fat. Started again eat to gain - at 2500 kcal – after month no gain,3000 kcal – no gain, 3500 kcal -no gain, 4000 kcal no gain.

So I decided to visit doctor to test if my body is acidic – it wasn’t. Food allergy – not. Food sensitive – not. Test my blood sugar – I was in normal range. I thought I could have „messi guts“ or malabsorption.So I tried warrior diet to improve my healtd. I felt amazing, lost some fat around belly, got stronger but no muscle gain. I told it to my doctor he was upset about fasting but my clinical results was better than before.

So Last 6 months I have been eating very strictly, unprocessed food, no sugar, no alcohol, no gluten, no soda,no caffe, no diary, no meat, only a lot of fruit, vegetable, eggs, legumes, rice, potatoes, quinoa, nuts, seeds, oil etc. Macros like zone diet. Now I am on 4500 kcal in 3 meals. I watched your video about suggestion to improve insulin sensitivity. So after every meal I have digestive enzyme, probiotics, kimchi, apple cider, cinnamon, vitamins and minerals. Nothing happened. Still the same weight. It looks like a food just goes trough me. Is it possible that first dieting could wounded my metabolism?

I was gaining fat at 3000 kcal and now nothing (I am over „Paul Carter „ceiling of bulking“ -20 x lbs).

Have you ever had client like me who was struggling to gain weight no matter what or Could exist a type who never gain muslce.

I know it is a lot reading but it could help another guys with same problem.

What do you you eat in a single day? Not just calories, what exactly are you actually putting in your body? Grams, ounces whatever.

And how active are you? Are you a dock worker that rides their bike to work even though the harbor is 20km away?


Designer, 4 times fullbody

My first thought would be: cut back at least half of your carbs and switch them for animal protein. See you don’t eat any animal protein at all, why is that? You get a lot of fuel into your body, but nothing much to build one. And perhaps some kind of split for your weightlifting sessions would do you good too. It’s not only what you put into your body… but also what does your body do with it that is important.

You are not measuring correctly. That does not look like 4400 calories.

-What is 1 rice? 3 chickpeas? Measurement palm?

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Are you seriously eating 4 cups of chickpeas for lunch? Are you sure you are measuring correctly?

My favourite is 120 palms of red lentils.

Everything is in grams. Only what is wrong written is “palm, 1 instead of 100g” atd.
So 120 red lentil is 120g red lentil (raw weight, in the pictures palm belongs to peas… ).
3 chickpeas is 300g chickpeas (raw weight ) , 1 rice is 100g rice (raw weight) etc…I used cronometr for nutrition calories and it is same calories results as I have.

My question wasnt I can’t gain muscle, I feel bad, I don’t have energy. I just can’t gain from real food, ok you don’t like it, I have tried to eat like that. I could eat sugar, McDonald’s, donuts and maybe I would gain weight.

Blend some real food and drink it if you won’t eat junk. Lookup blain Sumner and Derek Poundstone. How bad do you want it?

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A lot of your food is fibre. You need more food if you are going to make these food choices. The confusing nature of your plan probably means your measurement is off. At 4500kcal on lentils and rice, you should feel like you are going to tear open all the time.

Post some pictures of your food with your open hand next to it for reference

Eat 4500 calories of rice, lean meat, and veggies. I bet you’ll gain weight.

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My dinner. 100g rice, 4 egs, 50gchickpeas, 50g beans, 50g lentil, peas, corn. Salat with oliv oil, apple cider, seeds.

how old are you now, and what is your total activity in a day, not just your work out.

My opinion is that you are eating like a 100 lb female that doesn’t exercise. You need to eat to fuel yourself, feel better, recover from workouts, etc… For example, the picture of food you post is great, but add 3 homemade tacos with fish/chicken/beef, guac, salsa. Or a big bowl of chicken pasta. Something along those lines.

29, designer. Almost sitting whole day and walking. As I sad 2-3 years ago I ate roughly 3000)(gluten, meat, dairy)and gained only fat. Now I am on 4.5 in Real food and nothing. No allergic, no bloating… So I try some new things. I am not depressed I just wonder what it could be…I sleep 7-9 h a day, during weekend some sports, touristic.

Your dinner looks delicious and is healthy but add 200 gr of meat/fish and it’ll be perfect. Add more meat to your diet!

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Here are my thoughts.

  1. Why so many beans and chickpeas?

  2. That’s not very much rice, at all.

  3. Swap your portions of rice with your beans

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