NO 2

Has anyone tried NO2 and noticed anything? The reason i ask is because i got a free bottle from a distributor and was wondering if i should take it or just sell it.

This ? comes up weekly. About 50% like it, about 50% say it’s garbage. It does seem to cause a good pump, but the question is, is paying for a good pump worth it? And do you even need a pump anyway? I haven’t been impressed enough by the feedback I’ve heard to buy it.

It’s the best supplement I’ve tried. I don’t even get the pumps they promise but my strength went through the roof. Recovery is awesome, very fast. You’d be foolish to not take something you got for free. Try it, you’ll love it.
I love the stuff!
People who says it’s no good haven’t taken it. They’re just recycling what someone else who hasn’t taken it said.

Yeah, good pump on it. But is a good pump worth $50? I am getting great pumps on it, but that is not enough reason to spend like $50 a bottle for it. I think it would be cool to use it for a pre-photo shoot, pre-contest type workout though.

Got nothing out of it. Not even the pump. Stick to creatine.

Yeah, I’ve use it. I’ve never had better pumps. I used it during a mag-10 cycle though, made some good gains. But I’d attribute most of the gains to the mag-10 and shit loads of food. I wouldn’t say its worth the money just for the pump though.