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NNP/Test Prop Cycle

Wanted to run the following cycle.
Age 30
7% bf
Max Squat 155kgs
Max dead 240kgs
Max bench 160kg
First cycle was 750mg sus 12 weeks

Test prop 100mgs 2ml eod
Nnp 100mgs 1.5ml eod
Camber 0.25 mg every 4 days
Hcg 150 ui EOD

Diet at moment is strict 50/35/15 2900 cals
No alcohol, drugs or smoking
What you think?

Probably don’t need the caber right out of the gate. Control your e2 and you’ll likely never have any prolactin issues. If you have it on hand then you can use it as needed. But most of the dreaded deca dick is the result of either prolactin that’s estrogen-mediated or guys running nandrolone solo (as they did in the old days).

If I’m reading that right you’re taking 600mgs/w of test and 450mgs/w of NPP? Why run the test so high? The beauty of stacking is to let the test base keep you functioning and to let the other compound(s) do their magic.

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What do you suggest? 400mgs of test prop and 300mgs of nnp?

I’ve got the camber on hand off a mate.

Plus the camber is .25mgs every 4 days…

I think the NPP dose is good, I just would pull back on the test. You could get great gains on Test/NPP at 400/450.

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Runnin it right now bro. 7 weeks into TP@600/week and NPP@450/week and some caber. Second time running this cycle because I loved the first one so much. Probaly finish up next week. Libido is great and joints feel phucking awseome . Put on about 10 pounds and significant strength gains. NPP half-life is WAY shorter than Deca so recovery is relativley easy. I also have been pinning HCG as I approach the end of cycle. This TP/NPP cycle has been just as great as the first and I will surely run it again at a little higher dose.

I’m 44, 240 pounds and about 16% BF. Yeah…little high but Ill tackle that this pring with some tren

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That was the post read at first