NJ-Polska Program Thread

Ok so this is going to be my first real program. Up till now I have always used an outline of Pull/push/legs m/w/f always adding weight, reps or sets every week. No set program

So my plan is to use the Coan/Phillipi 10 weeks Dead lift program for my back and revolve the rest of the program around it.

My upper body is underdeveloped compared to my (mediocre) legs and back so im planning on working my shoulders and Bis/Tris twice a week. Grip/Forearm work every other day.

Monday - Back / Biceps
Tuesday - Shoulders
Wednesday - Core/ Arms
Thursday - Legs
Friday - Chest / Triceps
Saturday - Shoulders
Sunday- Off

My current lifts are
Dead lift - 335x1 (looking for 385 lbs after Coan/Phillipi)
Squat - 315x1
DB Bench - 60x8
DB Seated press - 60x3
BB Curl - 105x2

will be using a log book for the first time, try and beat it every work out.

The link for Coan/Phillipi. Was originaly going to try for 405 but it had me pull my maxs+30 for 2 in week 3.

Monday Back / Biceps

BB Curl: 3x8 1x8rp
BB Reverse curl: 3x8
Dumbbell Scott Curls: 3x8

Tuesday Shoulders

BB Standing Press: 5x5 1x8rp
DB Lateral Raise: 3x8
DB Front Raise: 3x8

Wednesday Core / Arms

Leg raise: 5x10
Landmine twists: 5x10
Kneeling Cable Abs: 5x10 
Med ball work
BB Curl: 3x8 
BB Reverse curl: 3x8

Skull Crusher: 3x8
Cable Push Downs: 3x8

Thursday Legs

BB Squat: 5x5
Bulgarian Split-Squat: 3x8
Leg extension: 3x8

Friday Chest / Triceps

DB Bench: 3x8 1x8rp
DB Fly: 3x8

Cable Crossovers: 3x8
Skull Crusher: 3x8 1x8rp
Cable Push Downs: 3x8

Saturday Shoulders

Seated DB Over head press: 3x8 1x8rp
DB Lateral Raise: 3x8
DB Front Raise: 3x8



Any advice would be helpful