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NJ-NY Shotgun Transportation


Not sure if anyone can help me out with this, but i own a few firearms, one being my remington shotgun..i have only gone hunting in NewJersey, but im going to be going to my freinds house in upstate NewYork, and i was wondering if anyone knew the laws for bringing a shotgun across the NJ/NY border??

I read that all you need is your FID card and i have that, but will that do?? I wont be bringing any ammo with me so that doesnt take any part of it, only the shotgun in a case in the bed of my truck, so i know that takes care of any ammo/firearm within arms reach part of it....anyway, if anyone has any information on this it woud be greatly appreciated, thanks alot.....



I was concerned about this a couple months ago when I was going to NJ on a vengeance mission. Apparently all you have to do is make sure your on a Harley Cruiser and wear a full length leather trench coat, dark sunglasses (even at night) and brandish it openly. No one should fuck with you then. I even saw a lot of people getting on their cell phones to tell their friends how cool I looked and where I was heading.

I kept hearing "southbound on ________ street." and "brandishing a fuckin' shotgun!" I felt really special.








ah yes, thats exactly what i was thinking! thanks


Im not sure about nj-ny but in Virginia if you are transporting a firearm as long as it is plain sight you are fine. So if its in a case keep the case open, dont have it in your trunk, etc. Also, you could look up the state regulations for that sort of thing online, or call the police department for the area you will be traveling through.


lol seriously? Sounds like a way to have the police called onto you. Honestly, gun case, locked in the trunk and don't worry about it. I'd drive across country like this and not give a fuck.


I definitely agree with you, but if you get a ticket or something and your car gets searched and they see a gun locked in the trunk it is considered concealed- and with a license for that... you can get fucked pretty easily.

I dont mean have it displayed in the window or anything, even easily visibly but below the seats is fine.


So I herd u liek mudkipz


This thread makes me happy I live in the south.


A concealed weapon is only concealed is if it is not visible and within reach.


Oh alright, good to know, thanks.


ok, thanks...yea i ended up making a quick phone call and was told that shotguns/rifles can be brought across state lines without a problem as long as ammo is not in the same case/bag as the firearm, and its not within reach of the driver, the trunk of a car, or bed of a truck being the best two spots....handguns CAN NOT be brought across state lines unless you aquire a document from both states allowing you to do so, but i knew that...i figured shotguns/rifles would be pretty easy to bring across the nj/ny state lines becuase of all the hunting places in the area..



Don't cross in to Manhattan by mistake.


haha i wont be, ill be heading up New York State, up near Oneonta, NY...



You'll be fine. Just keep it in a locked case and in the back of your vehicle just to be sure.


Federal law protects the transportation of firearms across state lines as long as they are in the trunk(or a locked case if in a pickup/SUV), unloaded, and generally not immediately accessible from inside the vehicle. Some of the nastier states against gun rights(like NJ) have been known to ignore this(the state police used to be pretty bad in this regards), but they are wrong and I have not heard of it being a problem here in recent years.


Yeah seriously.. I don't know half the shit they're talking about. wtf is a FID


FID = Firearms ID Card. You have to pass a fairly rigorous NJ state police background check and be fingerprinted, pay $60 and wait around 6 months to get one. Then NJ deems you worthy to purchase rifles and shotguns, as long as they aren't scary, assault-type ones that no one can define, not even law enforcement for the most part(Our assault weapons ban was the "model" for the national Klinton AWB). If you want to buy a handgun, you need to have an FID card first, then go apply for a separate permit(which costs $2) for EACH handgun which entails another background check and a waiting period that is supposed to be 45 days max by statute but often takes months. You can only buy one handgun per month. Magazine capacity is limited to 15 for any weapon. You also now need an FID to buy any pistol ammunition in NJ.

It is the most restrictive licensing scheme in the country and is utter horseshit that does nothing but discourage very honest people from buying guns. You guys in other states really don't know how much we have been suffering here and the only people who think it is a good idea are a few corrupt politicians and police chiefs(who have the final say on your permits being granted).

The good news is that this scam will soon be in the crosshairs if the SCOTUS Chicago ruling comes back the way it looks like it is going to.