NJ Expo Meet - Who's Coming?

anyone else competing in the south jersey expo meet on the 28th of august? its got bbing, pling, strongman and armwrestling who’s gonna be there?

I will be there competing in the Strongman contest; LW Open.

Should be a fun event.

ill be there competing :slight_smile:

Here is a competitor list for the strongman portion as of last week:

200 lbs Class
Steve Engles
Luke Zolinerski
Jay Evans

231 lbs Class
Aaron Williams
Gerard Martin
Anthony Vidal
Tom Mutaffis
Chris Perticari
John Ushock
Andy Deck
Dan Barrow
Steve Ferreira
Dennis Akstulewicz
Andres Gordon
Craig Pfisterer
Nick Morro
Mike Caprigliione
Andre Czackowski
Damian Hollis
Andy Findland
Tom Yanuzzi

265 lbs Class
Johnny Wasiscko
Joe Chielewski
Zach Gallman

265+ lbs Class
Brad Garnder
Jeff Miller
Ryan Haas
Jeremiah Clarke
Jeff Lara
Jeff Henderson
Lou Costa
Wayne Keifer

LW women
Stefanie Tropea
Sarah Jackson
Agnes Zolinerski
Michelle Ludena

MW women
Karen Patton
Mary Jacobson

Art Boss

I have heard that there are now 20 LW’s signed up for this show.

Should be a good one.

HW Open:
1st - Lou Costa
2nd - Dave Mihalov (LW Pro)
3rd - Nick Augelli

265 lbs Class:
1st - Johnny W.

LW Open:
1st - Tom Mutaffis
2nd - Andrew Malazzi
3rd - Mike Capriglione

There was also a close battle in the 200 lbs class which came down to a tie-breaker.

yeh i saw the strongman they were fucking huge! did you see the 82 and 81 year old deadlifting!!!

Where was this in south jersey and how in a state where nothing ever happens do i constantly miss out on things like this?