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NJ Doctor Supplies Cops & Firemen with Steroids

Anyone see this very big story in the NJ Star-Ledger?

Thoughts? Comments?

Who would of guessed that professions where strength and speed saves others lives, and their own…that they would be willing to juice, and doctors would be willing to help.

My initial reaction would be that I hope this will be a clear indicator that drug laws in America are not working. But I know it won’t be. There has been too much brainwashing. The only way I see this helping is if people say, well if law enforcement officers are using drugs how can they arrest us for doing the same?

Wouldnt u want the people protecting the country from anarchy to have an edge???We need cops! it would be really wild without em.Personally I think there should be radical changes in the drug laws.Legalize it and let people do what they want.Knock the bottom out of the black market,regulate it all like alcohol.Have a little quality control and people will know for sure what they are gettn.Be alot less overdoses from irregular product controll.Make all those guys sellin dope get jobs…

At least it was not completely skewed one way or another. It talked about the jackasses who used excessive force or who picked up assault charges; but also talked about the heroes who saved people. (both groups being ‘patients’ of the late Dr. Feelgood)

Almost every firefighter and soldier I know juices.

Its just an assumed part of these professions.

Be good or be dead and/or let others die, they arent going to fucking listen to “morality” shit from senators sitting in cozy offices sipping brandy…

And consequently most of those senators and politicians are on HRT anyways…which is basically the same thing, but they claim they are not the same as the “dangerous drug addicts” because doctors provide it…

Its bullshit.

Prohibition didn’t work 80 years ago and it’s not working not. Huge, huge moneypit.

And practically the only ones fighting to maintain the current system are those who stand to lose their jobs in the various impotent agencies.