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NJ Coach


i live in northern NJ and i need a bodybuilding coach with a tolerance for a vegetarian... im looking to get my feet wet in some copetitons.
any suggestions?


A few good names that come to mind in that area are:

  1. Jason Ferruggia
  2. Zach Even-Esh
  3. Joe DeFranco
  4. Martin Rooney

I can't speak much for their experience with bodybuilders, but they're all top-notch S&C coaches.


hey bro I sent you a PM


Rich Gaspari owns a gym in Union. I don't go there, and I'm not sure about his veggie tolerance.


If you're paying some dude to coach you, he'd better have a tolerance for whatever the F you want! You're paying him, and really, meat is a terrible source of protein compared to whey or whatever.


WOOOOOWHAAA!! Sorry to hijack but I MUST hear more on this and what you are measuring it on?? Bioavailabilty, completeness of amino acid pool, speed of digestion.

IMO beef and other meats are the TOP of the protien food chain for both a very complete amino profile and the other benefits of micro nutrients etc they carry.

Not trying to be an ass just curious here as to your reasoning??