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NJ Bans Trash-Talking in Prep Sports


A new policy announced by the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association (NJSIAA) and the state Attorney General's office this week institutes harsh punishments for high school athletes who are caught talking trash during competitions.



Oh yeah, that's going to solve the sportsmanship problems.

Investigation by the Civil Right's Division? Fucking REALLY?!?


A good thing.

Sports are perhaps the only thing where one can find honourable behaviour and where it still means something.

btw, I am generally very much opposed to regulation.


Athletes will always talk shit, its part of the game. Not too say it can't be taken too far, but this is too far in the other direction.


You must be watching different sports then. The prevailing message in the US is It's not cheating if you don't get caught.

The regulation is also ridiculous, especially as it extends to the spectators in the stands.


Every soccer mom is getting in some shit over this one I bet.


I still can't believe this. Investigation by the State Civil Rights Division???

This isn't fucking apartheid. It's not 1962 either.

Look if you want to suspend a guy for talking trash on the court then fine. I don't like it but ok, I do think high school could be a little more respectful, especially if we're still trying to maintain a "student/athlete" ideal and attempting to teach young people some respect for others in general. Besides, that is the essence of team sports--one guy makes a mistake the team pays for it. Same with team penalties for trash talk--I view that as far more reasonable than say suspension, but on the lame and slightly ridiculous ala the NCAA's rule against "excessive TD celebration", which has been miscalled and abused over and over. But I get it. I can accept that as a natural if kinda lame evolution of sports.

But what the fuck chuck?? "find themselves under investigation by the state Civil Rights Division"! That little gem there is outrageous to me. Does no one here think this is a ridiculous and dangerous abridgment of free speech??


I agree with everything you said. Nothing on the sports field that isn't obviously criminal should involve the law or Civil Rights Division, it is absurd.

Sportsmanship is definitely important, but gamesmanship is as well. Trying to ban trash talking sports, aside from the obvious stupidity of it, is kind of pointless. It has always been a part of competition...

On a semi related note-

Your silence can be used against you...