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Nizoral Shampoo and Lowered Testosterone

Although I’m not balding, it does run in my family, and Id like to take steps into preventing it. Someone told me that many bodybuilders (hence why I am posting in this forum) use a shampoo called Nizoral. I was wondering if anyone hear anything about this. There are two things that I fear by using this shampoo. 1. Is that a possible side effect is hair loss, kinda of defeats the purpose. 2. Is that it decreases some type of testosterone.

Anyone use this product, and know about it? Specifically my second concern? Thank you and sorry if this is in the wrong forum!

i use it regularly for seborrheic dermatitis… and the side benefits of preventing hair loss is another potential benefit i like.

topical ketoconazole (the active ingredient in nizoral) is not absorbed into the bloodstream, so the blockage of dht in the scalp should not affect testosterone internally.

So, you dont think there would be any problems with using this shampoo? Pretty safe? Im not even balding yet, nor do I think Im showing signs, but I just wanted to be prepared.

Nizoral is sold over the counter in the shampoo aisle at every supermarket (the 2% version).

The prescription strength is 4% and comes from the pharmacy.

Speaking of seborrheic dermatitis, I’ve noticed that in my case it tends to appear in correlation with immune system drops. I know this because I feel weaker and tends more toward getting ill when I have it. I’ve also heard this theory from a few other people in the past. Do you concur?

yeah, the seborrheic dermatitis is a bitch. it does seem to be a little worse during periods of immune system insult and stress. do you suffer from it on your face or just scalp? if so, how does it manifest itself?

i have tried a number of dietary restrictions with no avail. though i am finally beginning a complete dairy elimination (including whey protein) for a month or so to see if it will help with the facial redness and acne i’ve been suffering.

Both my seborrheic dermatitis and Acne had their ups and downs.
I’m twenty now. Between the ages of 14 and 18 I had nasty Acne like many teens. It started on my face, slowly migrating to my upper back. Nowadays every two or three days I get one medium zit on my face or upper back, and I belive the situation is getting better with age.
The Sabborrhea started at 16 on my sculp. At about 18 it gradually migrated to my face. Nowadays I don’t have any on my scalp. Constant anti-dandruff shampoo maintenance has kept it off. At the time it was on my scalp it was REALLY severe, like with that guys face (hard to watch, found with google):
On my face it causes white pealing flakes like those around that guy’s moustache, which appear mostly around my nose. Pealing these prematurely can even cause bleeding, and they’re itchy as hell. When shit hits the fan, I use the Nizoral Shampoo, and that takes care of them in 1-3 days. Some 7-50 later it happens again.

I dunno about diet, but I absolutely LOVE dairy products, and giving up on them will kill me :frowning:

I figure it may be somewhat hereditary, for my father also suffer from it, though in his case it started much later in life. My kung-fu teacher was has a degree in acupuncture from china told me a day ago that spicy foods can make it worse, and that he knows of some chinese herbal recipe for Sabborrhea and hopes to give it to me next week, though he doesn’t know if it’ll work since it’s not his field of expertise.

bro, i was eating at least 200 grams of dairy proteins a day. trust me, i love them too! but i’m 31 and still dealing with this crap, so i’m willing to try anything to prevent it. unfortunately, dermatologists are completely fucking useless when it comes to preventing anything.

ketoconazole defintely works for suppressing the symptoms for a while, but they seem to always come back. i think genetics play a role (mom suffers from atopic dermatitis) but diet is usually related to most chronic diseases, so would suspect it is involved with seb derm too.

please pm me any herbal recipes your sifu (i studied kung fu for many years) sends you. thanks and good luck.

Sure man no problem.