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Nizoral 2% Shampoo Works?


Hey guys,

Research has led me to believe that using Nizoral 2% shampoo can prevent hair-loss caused by steroids.

Firstly, is this true? I can't find any research to back it up.
Secondly, if it is true, how should the Nizoral be used, in conjunction with the instructions on the bottle, or daily?



The active ingredient in Nizoral shampoo, ketoconazole, does have anti-DHT properties. Since hair loss at the scalp is related to DHT, using Nizoral shampoo can help offset the hairloss from AAS.

If you type in "Ketoconazole" and "DHT" into any search engine, especially Google Scholar or PubMed, you will find plenty of research.

You would want to use Nizoral daily while on cycle. If you experience any itching or redness of the scalp you may want to take short breaks from Nizoral use.


Thanks Schwarz!
I should just start asking you questions directly! :)lol


Cant propecia or rogaine help?


propecia is the same medication as proscar, but comes in 1mg tablets and is more expensive. The best route for taking that is just getting proscar and dividing the tablets into 4 (this is what I do). My opinion is that proscar/propecia is the best surefire choice (well, nothing is surefire, but it is pretty damn close).

I think Rogaine works but is a more expensive treatment


good point joey, plus with the tabs you do not worry about putting something in your scalp. just a pop of the pill:) just the libido worry with propecia i hear!