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Nitrotain Anybody?

Ok guys time time to test the collective minds. The steroid is called Nitrotain, now i’ve done a bit of research and its most commonly used in horses. Its an oral paste which i belive is normally put under the tongue.

I’ve only found one site where a HUMAN used it and it was mildly informative but nothing to crash hot. If anyone has had experiance with this drug and used it any more information would be great. It sais it has very few side effects due to the short life of the drug (around 2 days)but I’d also like to know if I would need PCT. Thanks

I wanted to try this after first reading about it. I was also impressed with the KILOGRAM tubs it comes in :slight_smile:

Reading about it, much like its more famous steroid sister also developed for horses, it sounds terrific. However, I’d have to guess that if it were really all that it appears to be, more people would have heard of it at this point.

Funny thing is, I can find all sorts of information about this on the internet, and it does not seem to be too difficult to acquire, yet I see hardly any testimonials amid all of this info. Curious.

If you do happen to go through with it and give it a shot, I would certainly be interested in hearing about your experience and results.

I looked up its name (as i do with all threads like this) so i can determine a little about it’s action in the body (the name tells us alot).

It is ethylestrenol so:

It is alpha-ethylated, so is orally bio-available and toxic. This type of alkylation is usually only used with progestins and birth control etc. and it apparently increases PR binding

It is a derivative of Nandrolone.
It has a hydroxyl group added - which is nothing special as most all Steroids do.

Now on reading up on this further ethylestrenol differs from nandrolone only by the removal of the 3 keto group, which is responsible for the excellent anabolic effect of that drug… so ethylestrenol is very VERY weak indeed.

It apparently a;so is converted to norethandrolone in the body, which is responsible for any anabolism BUT is also responsible for further estrogen/progesterone like side effects.

I for one will NOT be using this.

Thanks guys, great help. You have turned me but my mate is still wanting to give it a go so I can use him as a guinea pig. I will keep this post updated as to how it goes. Cheers.

[quote]h-man11 wrote:
Thanks guys, great help. You have turned me but my mate is still wanting to give it a go so I can use him as a guinea pig. I will keep this post updated as to how it goes. Cheers.[/quote]

If I understood Brook’s post correctly, and I’m not saying I definitely did by any means, it sounds like this drug is going to be weaker, anabolically speaking, than nandrolone and likely to have more side effects.

If that is the case I think it is your job as a friend to make sure your buddy knows everything you’ve just been told about it.

This is just my opinion of course and excuse me if it sounds a little preachy. If I wanted to use something and my friend knew more than me I’d hope he didn’t ‘use me as a guinea pig’.

Actually from what i read, nitrotain is apparently not just a milder anabolic than Nandrolone (which could be said for many effective steroids), but one of the weakest anabolic steroids ever made.

Due to it’s structure it is also highly likely to have more estrogen or progestin sides than nandrolone, whjich is considered ‘high’ in this regard.

I agree with bonez, this is not worth taking. Show your friend this post and if he still wants to continue, that is his decision but only AFTER having all available information, which is his prerogative.