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Nitro Tech?


What do you guys think of Nitro tech and are there any other alternatives or supplements i should try alongside nitrotech? and what kind of results have people seen with this product?


Most NO2 supplements are a waste in my opinion. You get the same (tenuous) benefits from arginine much cheaper.


If it has the word "-tech" at the end, it's dried semen.

That is all.


NitroTech = NitroCrap

That is all.........

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I remember Nitro-Tech that was beofre I discovered Low-Carb Grow!, much better taste much better price that is all


Actually, Low-Carb Grow! isn't a real replacement for Nitrotech, as Grow! includes Casein protein, and Whey. Nitrotech is designed to induce fast protein synthesis, so if you don't want to pay the bucks for Nitrotech, just get another 100% whey protein in it's place. Grow! is for other times rather than immediately post workout IMO. There are plenty of reputable brands out there and it's not that confusing.



what exactly does arginine do?


If this is the case, you'd definitely want to go with Biotest Surge post-, and possibly pre-, training.


Which is exactly what Surge is formulated for - the pre/post-workout period. No one is advocating Grow! post-workout.

There is no need to use Nitro-anything. Even straight whey is not optimal; you want some carbs post-workout.

So, use your Grow! for your other meals, and Surge pre/post-workout.


If you read some of Dave Barr's articles, you'll find that whey used in NitroTech and similar products is only medium-speed digesting. So, now you've pointed out that NitroTech is inferior for both meal replacement AND pre/post-workout.

Use Surge for PWO (as others have pointed out).


TankBlack, please become familiar with the search function. There are a ton of answers already on this site.


Last time I checked the label said the main protien source was whey protien concentrate. 60 dollars for a five pound tub of concentrate seemed like alot to me.


what happened to everyone saying "That is all..." at the end of their posts?

That is all...


was wondering same

NitroTech may or may not be any good, but it is effing expensive, and there are better products.

that is all