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nitric oxide

The guy that I buy all of my protein from suggested to try nitric oxide or NO2 as a supplement. I was wondering what all of you guys thought about it???Is it a joke like most of the stuff out there???

It increases blood flow to the muscle. You’ll get a fuller muscle and increased vasculairty, but no miraculous REAL muscle gain. It’s neat for show, but I haven’t seen strength/mass gains from it aside from the increased blood flow.

Also, from what I’ve seen, the pump goes away as soon as you stop taking it. In other words, if you’re a twig now, you’ll still be a twig once you stop taking it.

The only medicine is still diet and workout.

I would rather spend that money in Power Drive than $80 for a product that’s all show and no go.

Use as much of this supplement as you can. Then use the search engine. They smack your head for wasting your money and everyone’s time.

Don’t waste your time or money. I tried it and the pumps lasted no longer than they normally do. I suggest creatine or Mag-10.

You could probably get yourself a cycle of the good stuff for not much more than what you’d pay for the NO2.

Seriously, avoid it.

Isn’t that stuff mostly Arginine?

Yeah its like 3 grams of “time released” arginine, which is pretty fucking useless