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Nitric Oxide for Strength Athletes


How many of guys notice a increase in strength with any of the NO supplements (Xplode, Shotgun, NOXSurge)? I know they're geared towards muscle cell volumizing but how are they in terms of strength gains.

A guy I know told me that he experienced an increase in the pump and strength when he started using NO Shotgun. I have never really consider taking this stuff because I'm not too concerned about the pump or muscle size. Just wanted to get some thoughts on this. Thanks.


Most people here consider it junk and a waste of money.


Thanks. Good to know.


I second 4est. I end up getting a half dozen sample packs of that stuff from the Arnold Classic every year. No increase in pump from any of the product I've ever tried. A lot of companies have started adding a lot of stimulants to the formulas recently, I'd assume to trick people into feeling like its making them stronger. Your money would be better spent on some Spike and micronized creatine.


Most people are right, the stuff is garbage



Any how even if it did work and you got a crazy ass pump IMO that would be a negative for a strenght athlete. I mean I know even just the crazy regular pump from say heavy squats, GM's etc can make one stop a set. So if the crap did make you get a pump easier it would make me stop sets earlier

Im like above had buckets of samples and the did diddly



I think it would best spent on food.

Food: The World's #1 Anabolic "Supplement"!


If you're eager to jump on suppliments that actually work I would suggest:


Protein powder doesn't count, it's just food.


Well sure that goes without saying. You shouldn't waste your money on ANY supps until your diet is in order. My advice was given under the assumption that he knew how to eat and was looking to SUPPLEMENT his diet with something that would help increase strength.


Total crap. Go buy cheeseburgers.


A buddy of mine bought the NO shotgun and loves it. I tried a quarter of a serving and was so fuckin' hype I couldn't think straight. It also gave me a bit of a headache, which isn't what you're looking for if you're lifting heavy. I think certain things work for certain people, maybe you're one of 'em. Maybe you're not. You won't know until you try.


All that preworkout nitric oxide bullcrap is full of caffeine so that you "feel it."

Just drink a cup of coffee or an energy drink before a workout and you'll get the same effect for much much cheaper!!!!!