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Nitric Oxide, Beet Juice


I was reading an older article about a British study later done in America about Beet juice being used to lower hyper tension as it jacks up the NO in your system and was actually proven to work.

Now with all the supplements out there for NO you read about a 50/50 that it is either a huge waste of money or the best thing since the lap dance.

Would it not just be easier to juice and drink Beets before and after workouts rather than dollar after dollar of over priced supplements if there is indeed anything to the thought behind the NO craze?

Just curious...



But the NO supplements.. they taste so good man..


Mother of God, Dwight Schrute has an account on T-Nation


According to the research, yep, it works. And it makes your pee pink. Worth it for that alone. And they taste good.


LMAO! That is exactly what I thought seeing this post.

Yeah, beets are good stuff, though high in iron. Being that many of us get much more than sufficient iron, excessive beet juice consumption may be a little problematic way down the road.



LOL ... WAS JUST curious what others thought about it, yeah then I would have to shy away from it as I already have natural Polycythemia so do not want to rock the blood boat lol...


Sorry about the caps was getting use to typing on my new laptop :slight_smile: