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Nit Picky Post Workout Nutrition

Straight to the point:

Immediately after I workout I consume 30g dextrose/30g maltodextrin and about 35 g of whey protein mixed with creatine/bcaa’s.

I was told that It would be much more effective if Immediatley after I workout I consume the 30gdextrose/30gmaltodextrin 5gbcaa’s/5gcreatine wait 15 minutes and take the 35g of whey.

Anyone ever heard of doing it the way I was suggested to? IT doesss make sense… But does it make a difference? Anyone try the wait for the insulin spike than consume the protein way of doing it?


Ive stopped taking dextrose or maltodextrin in my PWO.

At first I was doing both, then I dropped the dextrose, got a little leaner, and was still making good gains.

Then I dropped the malto, again a little leaner, less bloated, still making good gains.

Now I just eat a banana and drink 50g of whey after I workout.

I now take 5 grams of creatine preworkout, and none postworkout, instead of 5 before 5 after.

I think glycogen replenishment is highly overrated, I cant notice anything but less bloating.

If you diet is on check, its not needed.

[quote]LilDaDDyDreW wrote:
But does it make a difference?

Most likely, NO. The biggest, strongest dudes in the world don’t worry about the little details like this. Some don’t even worry about PWO windows, just overall daily nutrition. If it makes you “feel” better to be nit picky, by all means. You gotta do what you feel comfortable with even it may not make a difference. As long as its not holding you back.

Elusive I hear you but we got to stop comparing ourselves to the biggest strongest people in the world… I’m not and I dont think you are either… And I’d go as far to say that ALOT of them DO think about things like this.

Thank you for your reply though and thank you for the t-dawg link a while back

I used to have a similar mindset. Where I wanted to be precise about everything that could be with. I’ve come to realize that I don’t think its needed. Even the moderately big people of the world (the non-elites) have been getting large for years (decades) with hard lifting and proper eating. To think that 15 minutes is going to change your body is silly IMHO. Your body is not anabolic only at certain times. The body works on a much bigger clock than the PWO window or even a bigger clock than our 24hr clocks.

Whether or not the big dudes think about all this, I honestly can’t say what they “think about”. This may be due to how large the supplement industry has grown over the years and how “easy” it is to fall into these “fad” ideas. Like I said before, as long as its not holding you back, do what ever makes you feel most confident. I don’t think theres anything “wrong” with having your carbs first, then waiting 15 mintues and having your protein next. I just don’t think it’ll make a difference.