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NIST Released Video


NIST has release a shit ton of video and pictures after being sued under the freedom of information act by activist groups. Many of the video seems to have key parts edited out. For instance, every video of the collapse of any building either has the audio of the initial collapse edited out, or the video just starts right after the buildings start collapsing.

I think this video pretty much says it all though.

There needs to be another investigation and it cannot be done by the government. As horrible as it may sound, they have to be a suspect in the investigation, they are just about the only entity that COULD pull off this type of a false flag attack. How can you let one of the suspects investivgate themselves.



Because these confused/overwhelmed firefighters don't have a perfect understanding how skyscrapers collapse it must have been planted bombs? Seriously weak.


I'm sure it was the first fire for all of them.



Or maybe the first collapsing skyscraper...


So you think they were in the WTC when it collapsed? They were on the ground floor lobby. According to the official reports, the ground floor collapsed when the top of the tower collapsed into it. So these guys talking about explosions and the lobby collapsing was a result of the 50 million tons of material coming down on the lobby, yet they somehow managed to escape that with nothing more than a bloddy nose?




Are you serious with this shit? Have you ever been in a 110 story building when it was coming down? What is the point of you posting this trash? GTFO


Are you saying you have? The problem with your logic is that I don't think anyone who HAS been in a 110 story building while it was coming down, is alive to tell about it. Which again goes to my point. It's quite obvious these guys got out BEFORE the building collapsed, yet, they heard explosions which some of you are writing off as "the sound of a collapsing building"

So if the building collapsed from the top down, How did they survive the millions of tons of building falling on them? Why is the first floor lobby, some 60-80 floors away having shit collapse and explode before the implosion begins?

Why do I need to GTFO on a message board. If you don't like the topic, don't read or respond to it. I have questions and there are others here who do as well. There are others who may be on the fence and still others who wouldn't believe it if the Gov't came right out and admitted it. They would still explain away the admission as some type of tactic in the "war on terror" or some such shit. Anyways, I was just sharing some new video I thought was interesting.



I was present when 50 tons of pressure on a large oak beam released in a wearhouse we were renovating.

We had 2 25 ton bottle jacks on it and the guy who was supposed to cut it loose didn't. So we're pumping on these things and the pressure is building and building, then BOOOM!. When that pressure let go it sounded like the world just broke in half.

So I can understand that people may think that they heard bombs going off when it was the pressure of hundreds of thousands of tons of steel failing.

For other examples, check out a 900 ton plate shear when it cuts. That is a boom that will shake your teeth loose.


People simply cannot believe that our own government would do this. They also believe Jesus came back from the dead and God created everything. Took his ass only a week to get it all done. Pretty fucking fast worker.

Maybe our government as a whole wouldn't do this. That's not how the world works. Only a few people make decisions that others follow. Departmentalization. A need to know basis.

Bush is dumb enough to think it would work and get away with it. Well, so far he has. It's fucking frightening to realize who he must know and how much power they have.

They knew this was a threat long before it actually happened and it still happened.


So incredibly dumb that he pulled it off? Dude GTFO. You say he's an idiot, but then credit him for the up-most brilliant diabolical inside job in history.

Which one is it dude?


You must be joking.


I understand that this isn't a smoking gun. And i'm not saying the government did this. But when the NIST gave thier reports, they said they found no evidence, not even a hint of anythying that would lead them to believe there were explosions, so they didn't go down that road any further. I mean they openly admit, they never even investigated if there were explosives used because they had no evidence pointing them in that direction.

Again, a clip like this, Thermite in the WTC dust, Building 7, everytime something like this is brought to thier attention, it's the old, "these aren't the droids you're looking for" bit over and over. I want the government to be cleared of any wrongdoing, trust me, but I want them to be cleared the american way, by a third party investigation and a trial if necessary. It's not like people are just asking this so we can have something to watch on TV for a couple years.



Most people that have been on here for a little while can detect my sarcasm. I can assure you, the only time I used it in the last post was on the last word typed. Nice thoughtful response though. At least Skyz has provided some thoughtful information and experiences which could lead to another explanation to the sounds they heard. Then again he is a respected forum contributor, you, not so much.



FWIW He definately isn't dumb, but my guess would be if it did go down, he would be told it was happening and not the one planning it, if he was in the loop at all.



This type of nonsense is so discredited it only deserves ridicule. People have been providing thoughtful responses to 9/11 truthers for years and the truthers ignore reality.

These aren't the droids you are looking for.


Ahhh, lemme guess, the Old Popular Mechanics bit? Amiright?



Not only the sounds of steel beams under pressure but what about the elevators coming down? I thought I remember hearing this as an explanation.


Anybody who doesn't question the official 9/11 commission report is brain dead. There are plenty of questions that need to be addressed. In no order whatsoever here are just a few:

1) The official report doesn't even mention WTC 7. A few levels were on fire and it crashed to the ground at free fall speed. The NIST videos edit out the audio just before the building begins to collapse.

2) The crash sites at the pentagon and Shanksville look nothing like plane crashes. Look at pictures of every plane crash in aviation history. They are apples and oranges. Additionally, the security footage from surrounding buildings pointing directly at the crash site was taken immediately after the crash. The "plane" crashed into the part of the pentagon that was researching the $2.3 trillion missing dollars reported by the pentagon on 9/10. The hole in the pentagon was tiny, nowhere near the size of the plane that supposedly hit the building.

3) Put options placed on the 2 airlines involved in 9/11 weeks before the attack were several hundred times higher than normal. When a freedon of information act requested documents showing who made money from the put options, they were "destroyed". One bank was found to have profited from the attack, in Norway I believe. The ex president or CEO of the bank was high level CIA at the time of the attacks.

4) Research typical emergency response times for F-16s to be on site in America. I believe it is roughly 15 minutes. It took over an hour to sramble F-16s on 9/11. This can be blamed on the "war game" that was being conducted during the attacks that just so happened to involve planes being hijacked, thus creating ghost images on radar. Statements given by high level officials stated "Nobody ever conceived terrorists would hijack airliners and use them as weapons," but we later found out tests were conducted in years prior on that exact scenario.

I know I haven't been very specific. I urge you to do the research yourself. Until you do so, your opinion is garbage.

I watched a documentary on the events leading up to 9/11 over the weekend on the History channel. It went all the way back to the US providing weapons to Pakistan so they could fight the Russians. The stinger missiles we provided were the cause of the turn of the war due to the number of Russian helicopters being shot down. It was extremely informative an non biased in my opinion. It gave great insite on the reasons for the hatred these people have for us and how the regime is organized and how they came into power.

The list of questions without answers is lengthy. My personal stance is that the US wasn't directly responsible for the attacks, but vital information which could have prevented the attacks was ignored or destroyed. This isn't an accusation, it's an admitted fact. Why would our govt allow the events of 9/11? The Patriot Act and War for resources/commodities.

US intelligence was losing the battle of monitoring and investigating suspected terrorist cells within the US. The Ptriot Act gave them free range on tapping phones and other medium. We also had a need to invade Iraq and eventually Afghanistan. The exact plan to invade Iraq was put in place before 9/11. Anyone that says "our govt would never let over 3 thousand people die" needs to consider that thousands die in our streets every year.

Thousands die in Africa every day from hunger and preventable diseases. There is one unquestionable fact; Government acts in its own best interest, not that of the American people.


I don't think the willingness and attempt is that far of a stretch for the government. I only have problems believing they are competent enough to.


It is nice when truthers identify themselves so I know not to take them seriously.