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Nips feel a Bit Sore and Warm/Spicy... 2 Weeks In!

I’m on day 9 of 500 Test E week. Shot 250mg yesterday. After the gym, my nips are feeling a bit weird. Time to take some Armidex? Wait it out to see if it goes away? Don’t want gyno bruhs.

SPICY NIPS!! Woo hoo, now you got my attention! :joy:

Seriously though, try Nolvadex rather than Adex.


Hey stud! I just ordered 50 tabs of nolva today. Getting ready to run this blast.

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Gyno is lumps or puffy nipples. You may experience tenderness, soreness but not lumps. Don’t freak out just remain vigilant about what is happening.

I’m taking 20 mg Nolva ED for my NPP/Test Blast. I have a little tenderness but that is all.

Just 50, brother? Whats your plan? What are the strengths? How much per time period?

I have 24 right now. Ordered 50 more. 25 mg tabs. Gonna split and take 12.5 per day for the duration.

I said screw it and I’m ordering 100 tabs. 25 mgs each plus my 24 I already have should cover me for 2 12 week cycles

Sounds like a better plan. Like I said, I do 20 a day and I’m running 300 NPP and 750 Test/week

I’m not going quite that big yet. I’m gonna run 300 mg a week Test E. I will be testing e2 periodically to see where I sit while running the higher dosage. My goal will be to run a calorie surplus for the duration.

Mine too but it’s hard for me to force feed regularly. Some days I can’t get enough and days I’m fine with grazing