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Nipples Sensitive 3rd Week On

Hey there need some advice I’m on a cycle of trenbolone enanthate, test prop and drostanolone prop. I pin the test prop and the drost 3 x a week m-w-f 1ml of each 2ml total on the day. And only Tuesday I take 1.5 ml of the tren.

Getting slight nipple sensitivity and I have been prone to gyno in the past and I’ve taken nolvadex immediately and never had many problems after. HOWEVER I was about to do the same but after a quick Google I came up with many threads saying not to take nolvadex/tamox if using tren because it can have adverse effects. Should I jump to arimadex instead? I’m on week 3 of a planned 10wk cycle , my pct is clomid oral and hcg 5k iu per week for 3 wks

None of these are dosages, they’re all just volumes. How many mgs/wk are you taking of each? Also, it would seem that taking 1.5 mL of tren/wk all in one shot is too infrequent. That would put your blood concentrations all over the place from super high to super low (relatively speaking) with a half-life of about 5 days according to the charts. Massive swings in blood concentrations aren’t doing you any favors and (based on the very little information given) it would appear the potential gyno issues are caused by prolactin increase, not estrogen increase, but again, this is a hypothesis based on too little info.

(the 325mg was an estimate based on me assuming a concentration of 250 mg/mL for the tren. Regardless of the actual concentration, the ratio of peak:valley is the same based on the pinning frequency. You are about 2 days past on half-life. Realistically you should be pinning this more like 2x/week.)

thank you for the response.

I would say I’m pinning the tren 30 mg on Tuesdays and m-w-f I pin 10mg test and 10 mg drost

I am extremely open to recommendations to curb the current issue, thank you for your time and knowledge

2 things: 1) just a heads up, posting pictures of gear or revealing sources of gear is not allowed on this forum. I’m not nagging, as this is not my forum and I’m not a moderator, just a friend trying to inform. 2) it appears the tren is 200 mg/mL, and the test prop and mast p are 100 mg/mL. If you’re pinning 1.5 mL @ 200 mg/mL, then you are pinning 10 times that much, that is 300 mg/wk. Split that in half and pin it 2 times per week to help level out blood concentrations, which should help reduce side effects. 300 mg/wk is a moderate dose, but could still cause prolactin related issues. For dealing with that I would recommend for those far more knowledgeable than myself to chime in.

FYI you are off by a factor of 10 with all of your dosages. Looks like you’re running 300 mg/wk of all 3 compounds.

Your blood level concentrations will go from this:

to this (note the difference in min/max blood concentrations, often referred to as peaks and valleys):

Great info I was not aware of that thank you, and yes those concentrations you saw before it was removed is correct, where did you find that calculator?

What would you recommend on the tren dosage regarding the split . Better to pin Tuesday and Thursday then or I can do without tren if necessary , my main goal is not to have any gyno type sensitivity or puffiness

I had not understood the dosage as I’m off by about 10. I figured it out tho using a converter, thank you for that catch

@wsmwannabe That caluculator looks awesome. Would you mind posting a link?

Hmm, I think this one is allowed to be posted:

steroidplotter .com/