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Nipples on Tren

Hey guys,

I’m having some nipple issues whilst on cycle that I’ve been on for 5 weeks. Currently running 150mg of test e with 200 tren e every 4 days and I’ve upped the arimidex to 1mg a day and taking 600mg of vitamin B6 today as my one off my nipples is flaring up. There’s hard tissue behind and it’s sensitive.
Anyone with any suggestions what to do? Been taking gear/cycles for 5 years been lifting for 9 years. 28 years old around 15% body fat weighing 210 lbs. Thanks :slight_smile:

Thats a trt dose of test 1mg of adex a day is cancer patient doses. This is complete overkill. I suggest you lower that doses immediately before you rank your estrogen and really feel like shit.

So your nipple issue is probably related to the tren. Wether or not vitamin b6 will be enough to fix it is iffy. You have a long history with cycles so I’m gonna assume you have caber or prami on hand sense your running a tren cycle I would suggest using that

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I can get Caber no problem thought this might be the case. I’ve never had to use t before never had any issues like this. What dosage is best? It comes in 1mg pills