Nipples During Workout

Just asking a question, Does anyone else’s nipples get hard while you workout no matter if its hot or cold. My nipples always gets hard i was thinking this is kinda strange just checking to see if this happens to anyone else?


Now, to be serious - it’s probably just a blood supply thing, just like when you get cold.


Oh…right. Trolls don’t have nips.

Aye, carumba!

If all you notice during your workouts is your nipples, you’re not training hard enough. Or at all.

As long as it’s only your nipples getting hard it shouldn’t be to embarassing. But honestly I never thought to check, now I probably will, damn.

Actually, to be serious, I get this sometimes too. A lot of times its when I’m squatting heavy. The guy who said something about blood flow may be on to something.

Man, woman, other?

I am a man and really its not ment to be a joke. I didn’t even realize i did this until a workout partner said something to me and i just kinda blew it off a the time. I just thought I was cold or something. I was just curious if other people have this happen to them is all.

Stop pinching them between sets and it should go away…ROFL