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Nipples are Tender


Ive been on for 3 weeks. Frontloaded the test e first week, 750mg/week the last 2. also on dbol at 50mg a day. Ive been taking Arimidex .5mg EOD since the start; so I didn't figure I would have high estrogen.

Is it possible to still have the tender nips with low estrogen levels? I plan to get some blood work done around week 5 (half way thru cycle), should I go ahead and get it checked now? I have nolva on hand if gyno starts to show up.


.5mg adex EOD is not a lot at all for how much stuff youre running.

I mean why wouldnt you up the dose at the first sign of gyno?? Use common sense.

What do you mean 'if' gyno starts to show up? This is exactly how gyno begins. You dont have any permanent breast tissue yet, as that takes time to grow, but this is where it starts.

You should do more research on this.



I'm currently on the same 750mg Test E and 60mg Dbol cycle as OP. I've used 0,5mg of Adex EOD as well. Now, out of experience I know I'm not gyno prone, but I still have some libido issues. They days I take my Adex, after a few hours, my libido is way up there. The day after it's non-existent.

Do you advice a 0,50mg ED for this amount of juice?

I've read many posts claiming that an AI will hinder gains (due to estrogen being somewhat anabolic as well).

What's your point of view?


so go to .5mg ED or 1mg eod? i had a thread about my proposed cycle and nobody mentioned that would be a low dose of AI. in fact, i had .25mg EOD listed as proposed amount.


Its not a recommendation per X amount, its a recommendation based on what the user is experiencing. Assuming the user isnt interested in getting a blood test.


Youre supposed to start low and adjust as necessary. This is the point where you adjust as necessary.

Dont blame anyone for not being able to predict the future. No one knows when you will get gyno.


I'm not blaming anyone for anything? lol. The point of the thread was to get advice at this point. You were pretty condecending in your first response with these comments

Well I posted this thread at the first sign, to get opinions on what to do. Today I wouldn't typically take my adex, but I did after seeing your response. Hopefully all will be good from here on.


How is that condescending? I merely pointed out that it's not unusual for someone to get early signs of gyno from running over a gram of aromatizeable drugs per week.

If you experience side effects and possess drugs to mitigate them, YES, it is common sense to use those drugs.

Do you want the right answer or do you want someone to hug you and tell you everything will be alright?


Can't i have both? :slight_smile: lol


awwwwww there,there sweet cheeks .... take your a'dex and everything will be alright.......

up your dose, overt he years I have found that I need .5mg a day for every day e2 control due to a sluggish endocrine system,on cycle its closer to 1mg a day.
I do not take it e2d or e3d whatever because more often you take it you can keep blood levels more constant


Ill do .5mg a day and see where that takes me. thanks


Tender nipples lmao


should i take 20mg nolvadex for a couple days to control the high levels now since it will take a little bit for the higher dose of AI to work?


It wouldnt hurt.

Take 60mg for 2 days then taper it down if you choose to do this.