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Nipple Trauma or Gyno ?

Im 6 foot, 210 pounds.

I did a 5 week cycle of M1T @ 20mg/day.

Ran the usual, H berry, Milk Thistle, saw palmetto, zinc, multi, etc.

I could not get 4AD, and just dealt with the lethargy.

PCT was clomid and nolva.

Ran Clomid at 300 first day, and 100/day after that for about one and half weeks.

Ran Nolva along side clomid at 80 first day, and 60/day for 3 weeks.

So I ran both clomid and nolva at rather high doses, and stopped clomid half way through pct due to some vision difficulties and mood problems.

Recovery went fine, lost 3 pounds that was obviously water, because I was noticeably less bloated after 1-2 days of pct.

Strength dropped about 20 pounds across the board, but considering I kept atleast 50 pounds worth of strength, Im not upset in the slightest.

Im a little worried that I did not properly taper the nolva down, I just ran it at 60 until the last week, then ran it at 30-40, I never dropped it to 20 as is recommended.

About a week after I finished my PCT…instead of waiting for another 3 weeks I started another cycle same dose.

So 4 weeks after coming off I went back on, which may have been a bad plan, who knows.

Ive been on for about a week and a half now, only planning to run it 4 weeks this time.

Im very paranoid about gyno, and I noticed a little fat or water retention behind the nipple on both sides.

No pain, no itchiness,no sensitivity.

The small fat deposit was very soft, and not very large, but it kinda freaked me out, and I squeezed one of the nipples probably too hard to check for small lumps behind it.

About 10 minutes after I did that it got really sore, today that nipple is sore, swollen, warm, and soft, and has a lump behind it.

Im relatively sure its just due to being squeezed too hard, but Im starting to freak out. Has anyone had a nipple injury, and experienced similar swelling and pain ?

I have alot of toremifene, which I was planning to use part of for pct this time, and atleast 2 weeks of clomid left.

I started 100/day clomid yesterday, just to be on the safe side, its only been a day, but the nipple is swollen noticeably.

Will clomid stop the gyno if it is infact gyno, and will the toremifene kill the gyno in the pct ?

Im out of nolva, but can get more in 3 or 4 days, should I use it instead of clomid ?

Should I use some toremifene now and discontinue clomid usage ?

Im a little bit of a mess right now, an outside perspective or reassurance would be grand.


A bump at 32 minutes?

You need to wait a little. 1 day of SERM isnt gonna do shit if it is in fact gyno.

You do seem very over-agitated about this, which isnt going to help - i understand how it feels, i was similar when i first got a symptom of gyno - felt like hanging myself.

However, you are highly unlikely to develop gyno after stopping the drug/PH and starting SERM treatment… so try to relax.

Pictures would go a long way to getting any sort of second opinion here too…

And for the future - it is NEVER necessary to swueeze the nipple to check for gynocomastia. in fact, i think it is pretty safe to say - you should never need to squeeze your nipple at all for any reason. Stop squeezing your nipples please.


Thank you so much. I iced it down and it seemed to reduce in size a bit.

It seems to be about the same size as my other nipple in terms of swelling, although the nipple itself is a little puffy.

Im in this kinda gray area, if its gyno its very mild, and if its just nipple pain from my overly aggressive self check than cutting the M1T short before it actually kicks in all the way is a pretty painful thought.

I haven’t actually stopped the pro steroid I just cut to dose to 10mg/day, and just jumped on clomid.

Would it be prudent to completely stop the cycle here and go straight to pct with toremifene ?

Im considering just finishing the cycle, but I would run the clomid until symptoms of any kind subside.

If it is infact gyno, and my swelling in the middle of the day 10 minutes after I squeezed too hard… was just a conicedence…what are the chances of the clomid stopping the gyno in its tracks until I can get another week and half in for pct ?

I know Nolva is supposedly better as an antigyno tool, but they are a very similar mechanism, and Im dosing the clomid fairly high.

I will never squeeze my nipple again, ever, this is messing with my head.

I really cannot help with PH or PH PCT, so maybe someone else will chim ein with that - but i would say if you post pictures of the ‘problem’ then maybe we could advise as to continuing the course.

I personally would doubt that you would get gyno from this cycle and if you are running a SERM too… but it isnt impossible of course.

I think you should forget about it for today. Assess it morning, noon and night over the next 2-3 days… then decide what the best action is.

You wont grow breasts over night.

Thanks for the help, I really need to calm down a bit I think.

Ive only had like 3 meals today, and I missed my protein target by atleast 80 grams yesterday.

sigh this is a mess, Im going to go eat.

Why are you running clomid while on cycle?

Well I can run either clomid or toremifene.

Im out of nolva.

Clomid, nolva, and toremifene are very similar in the mechanism they use.

Running clomid will probably inhibit my gains somewhat, but I only intend to take it for a few more days and see what the nipple does.

Just an update.

Im fairly sure it was just trauma, I tapered the clomid to 50 yesterday, and I will not be taking any tomorrow.