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Nipple Soreness

Hey guys. My trt protocol is 200mg a week split on monday, wednesday, friday. I was also using 1mg arimidex splited in 2 doses. The last 3 weeks i stoped the ai and feel way better but still not optimized. The last 2 days i feel my nipples a bit sore. Should i lower the dose or wait a bit more? Im worried of getting gyno

Sore or itchy nipples aint gyno. Puffyness that looks like pubescence is. Leave things alone before you screw up the process.

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This typically passes on its own. If you’re feeling much better it’s already a good sign. Your body is going through a big hormonal change. Give it the time to adapt.

Why would soreness exist without activity?

The best solution is to work out hard and make something else sore. Transfer the pain over

Should i wait arround 6-8 weeks and then do labs and then consider any changes?

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Yes, that’s usually the ideal course of action.

Thank you :pray::pray::pray::pray: