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Nipple Soreness/Weirdness

I have been off steroids since mid-July and taken care of PCT…things I thought had stabilized except for a weird nipple issue. Basically if i push inward deeper on the nipple it is sensitive and uncomfortable (as in it wasn’t this way prior to the cycle).

i am concerned that i lowered my Estrogen too much and my body is still correcting itself. Anyone have anything like this before? And if so how did you correct it?

cycle info: (lite weight i know, but…)
t-bol - 60 mgs/day (2 weeks)
started having weird pectoral issues and sensitivity in week 2, so I started nolva (just in case) and some proviron (because i was feeling less than normal down below).

stopped the cycle in week 4 (because of the weirdness) and started PCT while also starting letro in wk4 just for that week…PCT stopped in week 7 i think…standard nolva/clomid until i thought i felt better.

not going to claim I did all the right things or that some of this stuff was warranted, but when weird stuff starts happening…concerned letro lowered my levels too much and there was some rebound affect and am still adjusting to it. thoughts?


You are right on with the letro possibly causing a rebound, especially if it wasn’t too long ago. It also seems that, from your description, you took some of those drugs on and off, sort of irregular dosing schedules. You might also have suppressed your natural T until recently, and your body is compensating with estro production. I could be wrong about all this.

Regardless, in order to avoid gyno that you may develop, you should probably take a mild dose of nolva for a week or two and taper off over a week or two. This will help bring your body back slowly back towards homeostasis while avoiding possible gyno. It can’t hurt, it’s inexpensive, and you’ll avoid titties.

thanks for the reply. I understand the point of nolva to stop any potential gyno, but won’t it merely block the estrogen receptors while on it and when I am finally done tapering it’ll be back to the same issue of rebound? unless what you are saying is it is such a small dose (5-10 mgs) for the first 2 weeks and then tapering down for another 2 weeks it will turn my body back to “normal”. would clomid be an alternative? works a little different, but typically is more helpful on restoring the t-levels if that is an issue. at least for me. thanks.

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The whole point of the Nolva is to protect yourself from gyno while your body returns to homeostasis. While Nolva can help to some degree in this process, it’s main action here would be to stop gyno from occuring. At the same time it may influence your T and E production, so introducing a steady amount into your system and then tapering slowly will sort of bring everything in line functioning as it should.

[quote]Dave320 wrote:
would clomid be an alternative? works a little different, but typically is more helpful on restoring the t-levels if that is an issue.[/quote]

Quite the opposite, really.

thank you all for the responses.

the letro was a typical dose (2.5mgs?). i realize it was probably way more than necessary. the only reason i started taking it was due to the effects i was having and I kinda freaked out (which was doubley weird because I was on Nolva). and I have even considered the OT wasn’t OT. i actually wonder if it was anadrol because I felt super strong on it and my pecs started getting sensitive about week 2.

but in general i think i am getting the point…low dose of nolva (say starting at 10mgs) for about 2 weeks and then use another 2 weeks to taper that down hoping to reach homeostasis.

any other suggestions are appreciated.

i have a friend thats prone to gyno while on test… last time he was on sus-250, d-bol and equ. by the 4th week he started to get sore near his nips… he wants to know if he should take the nolv. from start to finish and would it lower his gains if he does?