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Nipple Sensitivity Solution, Help?


I’m having some issues resolving nipple sensitivity. My trainer never had issues with this so directed me to his forum. This is my first cycle. I’m 5 weeks in taking T Cyp 500mg/wk, Arimidex 0.5mg E3D. Nipple sensitivity noticed a few weeks in but backed off. It is back and need some direction in resolving. No lumps noticed. I’ve been taking 1mg Arimidex ED for 6 days now and it has backed off some but not back to normal. Still very sore and firm. What is my next step? Should I continue The 1mg Ari? Can I back off yet with the minor improvement? Should I up the dosage? Should I add Clo? Some people said this is normal, not to worry about just a little soreness? Some people recommend Clo… Any experience that anyone is able to share is very much appreciated. No blood work or labs done. I was hoping to get back to .5mg Ari EOD. Thanks.


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