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Nipple Sensitivity on D-aspartic Acid (DAA)


I know this is a topic that has been beaten to death and I know I should be taking some type of AI for the nipple sensitivity... The problem is whenever I take an AI, the drop in estrogen destroys my joints, can't even train.

Would a SERM be beneficial or counter active because of the lowering of IGF?...I guess I'm looking for something that mildly inhibits aromatase/estrogen without still causing joint pain and gyno..

Not sure if something OTC would work or what but any help would be appreciated! Or Maybe raloxifene because it doesn't use the same mechanism as nolva that lowers igf?




I'm confused. Are you actually asking if you need an AI or SERM because you're taking DAA, or is this a post-cycle question? Based on how I'm reading this, since you make no mention of actually taking steroids, it sounds like you want to know if you should use a SERM or AI just because you're taking DAA. The answer to that would be no.


You can try mild otc PCT like Rebuilt (geared up nutrition) or recycle, something like that. DAA bothers my nips too. Low dose Aromasin might be good too.

there are some DAA supps you can get with a mild AI in them. Test Tattoo is a good one.


DAA flares up my gyno too, but it goes away after stopping the DAA


As I said, I am getting nipple sensitivity, the same sensitivity I always get on gear. I am running DAA as a standalone but my E2 is obvs getting too high...I don't want to run a powerful AI because it kills my joints. I'm looking for a happy medium.


buy a liquid aromasin and just dose a tiny amount