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Nipple Pain


I am pretty sure I am not the only one with this problem. My pecks hurt like HELL around the nipple area. They are hard and when you push on them, they hurt pretty bad. My daughter loves to lay on my chest, but when she rolls over my nips, Oh good God! What gives? not going away either. It has been this way for awhile. What do I use to counter act this?? Afraid to ask in the GYM.


Do you have any other localized pain? Any other side effects?

If unusual pain continues for more then 2-3 weeks its normally a good idea to give your doctor a call.


Don't do that...

Seriously though this isn't something that just happens, a call to the doctor may be in order. Have you noticed any specific activity or exercise that makes them worse? What if you take a few days off for rest, does that help?


It sounds like you may be experiencing mild gynecomastia. Are you currently on anabolic steroids?



I was on Vitrix for 6 weeks then just dropped of no post cycle therapy. Then after 3 wekks went on methyl masterdrol for a complete cycle. no post therapy. Then 3 weeks later went on mathylmasterdrol again stacked with methyl 1P for 3 weeks (could not take the headaches anymore). Formadrol post cycle therapy but did not complete it. Any estrogen blockers out there that are effective?


Definitely gyno. You really should run a PCT when your forcing your natural test production to be suppressed. I've PM'd you a link with PCT protocols.

Hope it helps,



Ohh geez. There it is. What you have above is a recipe for gyno. You took 3 cycles of steroids with nothing close to PCT.


Another reason why doing your research is important.


Yeah, sounds definitely like adult onset gynecomastia due to hormonal therapy.
I know it cause i have pubertal gynecomastia. Still have it, and f#cking hate them.
I clearly remember them being really sore during the early stages. I've done quite alot of research about it as well, if you catch it early and treat it you'll be able to prevent it.

Go to
www.gynecomastia.org for more info.

Best of luck mate!


Holy PCT man, you're nuts!! The Vitrix part doesn't sound bad as it shouldn't have caused it, but the rest is crazy!!! Should have probably taken the Vitrix,6-oxo, and Milk Thistle in between each cycle of the Methyl Masterdrol and especially after the 1-P stack.

How does your chest look around the nipple area if you stand in the mirror and do a front double bicep pose or even just raise both arms above your head?


Mine hurt when I touch them with a hot poker!

Me Solomon Grundy


Mine hurt when I touch them with a hot poker!

Me Solomon Grundy


I find this kinda interesting... After being on vitrix for 3 weeks or so then started M1T (in the third day) still using vitrex at the same time (in hopes of reducing suppresion) I started to feel some gyno symptoms. I stopped both products since then. This was quite some time ago and is under control now. I am doing a very slow taper of ATD. I am still puzzled how the hell this happened. Is this the year of the estrogen fairy or what?


Look more into Femera, a couple people said it totally cleared up their gyno symptoms. A quick glance at the website and I didn't see any where that it gave any uses on men though, which is kinda scary!! Talk to your doctor!!!