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Nipple Issue with Proviron?

Hi everyone, 35 year old male here never tried steroids before.

I was talking to a guy on a forum , he’s about 45 years old been using gear for at least 20 years and is on TRT and blasts and cruises.

He told me he had a special recipe to increase semen volume, like a lot, in his words if I followed his regimen I would be " slinging ropes across the room like Peter North circa 1994"

Here actually are his exact words:

Here’s a lil pro tip for you guys. A relatively useless breast cancer drug called proviron can be picked up at under a buck per 25mg tab. In men, it will thin and loosen semen. Mix it with herbal semen volumizers such as sunflower lecithen, pyegeum and any old male enhancement pill that contains Maca, tribulus, horney goat weed and lonjack. You be slangin’ ropes across the room better than Peter North circa 1994.

So I tried his experiment, I was able to get what was supposedly pharma grade Proviron from oversees , came in box plus blister packs, the guy told me the source I used was legit.

So, I’m having the strangest side effect from the Proviron and I’m curious if this is normal, Everytime without fail, usually 1 hour after taking 1 25mg pill my nipples get HUGE. I have small nipples as it is, I noticed it the first time I took it suddenly they felt big and I could see them in the mirror sticking out from under my shirt, lifted it up and wow, they were massive.

From what I’ve read of Proviron it doesn’t aromatize so what’s the deal with the nipples guys?


Dude you’ve gotta be trolling hard as a mother fucker but I’ll answer anyways

Did you test it with a test kit to be sure it’s not Dbol or something other than just trusting your source? I assume you didn’t test it by your post

You also may be being paranoid, and you’ll definitely know if you’re getting gyno the nipples would be sore & tender.

Take some ice cubes and rub them on your nipples that should shrink them up haha

In all seriousness it’s important to have some Ralox or Nolva on hand


Proviron can induce a condition called hypochondriacititis, this can alter perception, similar to a psychedelic but more convincing, blurring the lines between reality and bullshit… this condition can make you think you’re nipples are 2x their original size

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Lol dude

Thanks for the reply, haha it totally looks like a pure troll thread but seriously isn’t, I included the story about slanging ropes because it’s funny as shit but the nipple issue was for real.

You know I actually did get a test kit but, the flashlight I ordered from Amazon wasn’t a true UV flashlight, but it wasn’t dbol just based in the color it turned after adding the solution.

My Proviron shipped directly from Turkey where I’m fairly certain Proviron is legal and readily available or does Turkey also have a lot of fakes?

I’m not really concerned about gyno I’m sure I don’t have that, the nipples weren’t puffy or anything just super hard and super erect.

As a side note, I took it everyday for about 10 days, then stopped for 3 days , then had blood work done and it crashed my total test, it was like 320 when it is normally around 600+.

All I want to know is whether anyone else with experience with Proviron had a big nipple issue?


Of course even that is going to crash your natural production. Also I’m talking a legitimate chemical test kit not a flashlight test lol if you’re nipples aren’t tender or sore I’m going to assume you’re OK but I’m not a doctor. You might be paranoid

Try the ice cube trick I bet it shrinks them pepperoni nips of yours

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Thanks for replying again. No I’m fine, the big nipples was only for about 2-3 hours after taking the Proviron then it would go away. It isn’t permanent only when the Proviron or whatever it is , is working.

Well the test I got has you grind up a little sample of the pill and add it to a vial, if it was dbol it is supposed to turn red immediately, and this stuff didn’t turn red ever.

Ok you gotten some good answers and what I am adding in is rather vague but it might be it. There is this “condition” within the steroid community and granted you don’t hear about much any more but it was called “test nipple.” Keep in mind it could have very well been something that happened because of the test aromatizing into estrogen however the story was it would happen shortly after you started a cycle then go away. It was known to happen with test deca dbol winstrol primo basically anything that might have been available back in the 80s-90s. I have always thought it was some sort of bro science explanation for something they didn’t realize was from estrogen but like I said it happened at the beginning of a cycle and went away which is counter intuitive for it being estrogen related.

So are you slangin ropes Cowboy? lol