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Nipple Fat

Yep, nipple fat. If there is one problem I have with my body it’s nipple fat. I don’t have tits first of all but I will get nipple fat every once in a while. In fact, I use it to gauge my training. If I end up with nipple fat, it’s easy for me to know that I have a nutrition flaw.

I workout 4 days a week in a Legs, Shoulders (a weak area), Back and Biceps, Chest and Triceps split. On the three days that aren’t legs I do 30 minutes of cardio after my lifts. All of my lifts are increasing so clearly it’s working. Two of three off days are relegated to HIIT and lower calories and carbs and on the other off day I jump clear off the bandwagon and go wild…it helps to keep the metabolism flying as we all know (and actually is better to do on a day you don’t train read that on here somewhere).

But this is a post about nipple fat. It is my arch nemesis and I refuse to have it in my life. Are there any other ways people know to get rid of that bit of fat that shows up around the pec?


Potentially a good read for you.

Lower your body fat?

[quote]DOHCrazy wrote:
Lower your body fat?[/quote]

and if it’s still a problem after that…surgery.

Read PX’s gyno thread.