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Nipple Discharge

Yup exactly
Like it sounds
So I’ve had this for over 10-15 years if I squeezed the nipples droplets of fluid come
Had mri in 2011 all clear at pituitary gland but prolactin was high (after years of finasteride)

Now values are normal
And have been for 10

The discharge lessened but now seems
To have increased a bit if I squeeze

Can gynecomastia caise this? I’ve had some gynecomastia in both breasts for some time around the nipple

I suggest that you stop squeezing your nipples, unless you do it for personal pleasure reason I guess. Relax man, give it some time.


Sorry I meant that can you have it for years just due to gynecomastia?

Bc prolactin is normal and been normal for years in terms of prolactin levels

Are you only

If so how are your testicles and scrotum? Are they tight all
Of the time and if so is this a problem?
They don’t seem
To hang anymore although they didn’t hang much before either

Is this normal

I am on TRT only. The testes thing changes, they’re not high and tight all the time but they were for a while. It is only a problem if it bothers you, it won’t affect anything physically.