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Nip/Tuck Watchers

Holy crap.
I just watched the last few episodes (yeah I’m behind). This season wasn’t the best, but the finale was down right insane.

anyone else watch the show?

I liked when the crazy hag turned the slick agent into a teddy bear.

The first season was decent, but it got way too strange too quick. It’s like the writers were having a contest to see who could out-weird everyone else.

Gay pron to support a meth habit?
Strap-on psychos?
Neo-nazi castrations?

It’s like Jerry Springer with plastic surgeons.

I like how it’s nothing but absurdly hot bitches.

The only ones I’ve seen were back when the main character (the player one; the one that is not “Christian”) started to try to be a player and was going to parties for this one insanely hot black chick.

Those parties were hot, as were the 1.5 minute sex scenes after it.

Oh, and does anyone else think that the Don Juan surgeon (Christian?) has it written in his contract that he needs about 20-30 seconds of screen time for his bare ass every episode?

Sometimes they fit it into the plot (him posing for a magazine, banging a client), though, more often than not, it’s just him walking across a room, nude, puffing his chest out for no apparent reason.

Maybe it’s to capture the female demographic. Methinks the ladies should just start seeing the humor in grown men being turned into teddy bears.

Call me crazy, but I’d rather they used that screen time to show the hot daughter (the evil one) with less clothing.

It’s a great show. When are they making more? It’s still up to the Candy Richards episode, right?

Definitely one of my favorite shows. Can’t wait to see what happens after the last season. Thank God for itunes, no FX where I live!!!

I just get the dvds for my gf for her Bday or X-mas and then watch it with her. Im looking forward to the new show, Sons of Anarchy, just b/c it has Ron Pearlman in it

I don’t watch tv…till football season starts.