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Nip/Tuck Season 3


Anyone watching this show? I am totally hooked. I figured from the way the first episode was so dry, that the season would be pretty boring. Man was I wrong.

Christian Troy is my hero.


I've only seen the first season on dvd, but yes, the writers and the actors deserve some kind of award.


I'm not digging the 3rd season as much. Yes, the last episode was really good with the carver getting to that detective, but overall this season has been about disgusting things. Not like the first two episodes where they actually did plastic surgery! Especially on hot females, not enough hot females on the show now!


Yeah - but the three-ways Troy had with his porn-star girlfriend and the hot cop chick kind makes up for the quantity.


Yes, my wife and I try not to miss an episode.

I loved the first season, but we missed most of the second. We didn't know when it started and only saw a couple of episodes.

I do wish they wouldn't use the gross factor so much in the shows. I don't mind watching sergery, but I don't like watching people's faces half off with the woman screeming in her head that she can feel everything.


This is THE BEST SHOW on TV right now. And ranks right up there all time for drama programs.

Have watched from the beginning of season 1 and the writing is so unbelievably good, its hard to believe.

This season started slow but the last 2 episodes have picked up a lot. I never miss an episode, and sometimes find myself watching the replay on friday or sunday nights.


My wife and I have watched the first and second season on DVD and have loved it! We managed to see the first episode of season 3, mostly to see what happened to Christian. But since it is on so late, and our VCR is on the fritz, we haven't seen any other episodes of the new season. So I guess we'll have to wait!

I am glad to see that Matt has gotten less ugly since the beginning of the series.


I'm pretty sure that Famke Janssen is officially the hottest guy ever!

Spoilers done!


I love it. And yes, Rhona Mitra's unbelievable. Much like Six Feet Under, the fucked up intricacies and complexities of the characters and their lives just draw you in.


That plot twist was certainly the least believable part of the show, and there are a lot of times you have to suspend your disbelief and just go with it. That just took the cake though!


I've encouraged my wife to watch it, and now we both have "fluffer" material.


I love this show.

Christian got caught by Kimber in the act of banging the hot detective. His response was "baby it's me, I'm back" then talked Kimber into a threesome. That, my friends, is a man we could all learn something from. (if he wasn't a TV character that is)

I like it. The carver plot is interesting as they seem to rule out a potential suspect each. My suspect is Julia since she seems to have so many freakin issues.


I love this show, I download it every thursday(?) morning.

The best show that I know of right now though, is " Rome".


I was a little dissapointed with the whole cop that was in the 3some is now arresting Christian.

Wouldn't another officer need to take the case? I mean, if they had that relationship, and Christian didn't think he was being treated fairly by her, couldn't he have easily requested that someone else be put on the case?

I know, it wouldn't have been as good at the end of the show when we found out who the next victim was, but I think they could have made it a little more realistic.


This season is definitely much darker than the first two. And it's even more like one long movie rather than a series of episodes.
It's funny how the plot involving the surgery they do has taken such a back seat.


I think that there are only so many nose jobs and boob jobs you can see before the plot starts to thin out. Besides - I'm much more drawn to the debauchery, and the depressing darkness of their lives than I am to their jobs.

Although - I liked the first season when they were giving porn stars botox treatments.


The carvers line is "Beauty is a curse on the world" Didn't Julia's mom use that same line in season 1 or 2??

My money is on it being Kimber or Julia's mom.



Wasn't the whole point that she was with him because she was an undercover agent?
I guess that makes it no less unrealistic but oh well.

Holy shit it's on tonight! Sweet.


I saw the episode with the woman and the couch and thought "thank God , it's only TV". One month later I found out that this really happened. Not good.


Oh yea, good point. I forgot she said that.


Maybe Famke Janssen is the Carver. She/He is supposed to be "out of the country" but maybe not. :wink:

It'll be on like Donkey Kong tonight!