Nip Tuck anyone?

Has anyone seen this show on FX?

It premiered last week (2 episodes so far) and I think it’s really good…not as good as The Shield, but close.

If you haven’t seen it, I give it a thumbs up.

I did see most of it, although don’t recall seeing any breasts…

Seems decent yes. I actually think the premise may be hard to work without getting into seemingly unreal situations, but I’ll watch for a while to see.

yeah i also agree that it is a a realy good show. but i have to say that it still doesn’t beat the shield. by the way, thats still going right? i havn’t seen it for a while now.

The shield has had 2 seasons, still on for the third unless main characters get killed in real life or something…

It plays during the typical “primetime” season, ie fall-spring. Summer is when pretty much only cable channels put out other shows since the networks just hodgepodge a bunch of re-runs and special events together.

I really like the shield, really like having it on a channel like fx also. They don’t filter it nearly as much as some other channels do, and they also tend to play it all sequentially instead of going only by ratings sweeps months and filling with re-runs here and there…

Hey anyone catch the episode where christian went to that sex addicts meeting and picked up that chick?
(replayed last week on fx during the
best of week)

That was truly well done. The whole dialog when they met at the meeting and then after he bagged her was classic. Oh the indifference he showed to her with her still wanting more of him… classic fit onto the ladder.

And WOOT! New episodes starting now and the shield is back baby!

It was indeed a great episode. They are all great; I’m eagerly awaiting what tonight holds.