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Nintendo DS Roms and Emulators


I'm fiending to kill some time and back in the day we used gameboy advance roms and emulators to do this however now I've tried several roms and emulators for ds and to no luck, has anyone got a website they can direct me to with working roms and emulators?


I’ve found one a few weeks ago, but it works terribly. Bad sound, bad video etc. Even if the sound and videos are alright, playing a lot of the games would be very hard, since in the real DS, for a lot of the games you’re using the control pad, A, B, L and R buttons plus the touch screen all at the same time, and you can’t do that on the computer. There are a lot of working roms for supercard though (to play on a real DS).


hijack, but anyone know any good R4’s for the DS? I’ve been looking to get one but i’ve heard mixed reviews on which to buy.


THE BEST ROM Network site, hands down http://ds.rom-news.org/147357 , yes they also have a PSP iso, and wii iso network. YOU’RE WELCOME. If your roms aren’t working, you probably don’t have all the correct files in ROOT…

estrogen: I have the R4 Revolution and it works nicely… That micro SD is so fuckn small, that my non functional muscles bent it in half, FML…