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Ninja Warrior


Anyone here that has taken part in "Ninja Warrior"?

I am thinking of taking up the challenge. I have not decided yet if I will apply for the American or Japanese version yet.



Bird you wanna go in with me on a Ninja Warrior gym? Maybe it'll be like the next Crossfit and we'll make tons of money by being the first ones to the market.

Also I'm convinced my training partner could destroy Ninja Warrior. I gotta get him to compete one day. Prize pool on that sucker is no joke.


Bird you should do Sasuke. I am not a fan of the American version...too many crossfitters, free runners, and mountain climbers who think they are tough shit. Japan's winners (original) include a crab trapper (first to ever win), fisherman (second to win), and shoe salesman (only person to win twice).


I'll never do it but it is great to watch.


Maybe we should.

Who is your training partner? What makes him such a good candidate?



Just a really gifted athlete. 181lbs, lean as shit, over 600lb deadlift, can rep out like 40 strict pullups, can rep out like 15 handstand pushups, has an insane vertical, stays in good cardio/endurance shape. Seems like the kind of person who could give it a run.


Video or GTFO.




Csulli your training partner is a stud! Impressive stuff. Does he follow the same full routine as you?

theBird - I don't know much about ninja warrior, I've only watched it a few times, but you should definitely go for it! Would be an awesome thing to train for, and you probably have a good foundation for it.


He trains like 3x more than me.


Love the conditioning video. What should I do today? ALL THE CONDITIONING!


specific training for the ninja competition would be the best wat to go in my opinion..a 600# deadlift is great, but will that help doing the spider wall, or running up that warped wall? when that show first started on tv, the top guys built a similar course like that in fields by their house or in their yard.. other than pullups, most back then just trained on the course they would be competing on....

bird, giving up on soccer??


You being taller will help. A lot of the course challenges like the warped wall seem to be much easier for the taller competitors.


Bird... you wanna do it all... scattered around you have posts expressing interests in: soccer, bicycling, ninja warrior, mma fighting, and cock fighting.



lol!!! so true.. so true..


dat jump


I must say, the videos Csulli posted feature one of the most well rounded people I have seen for a long time.

Seriously impressed.

I will probably try to see how high I can jump and afterwards I will feel like a bitch.


Csulli; Thanks for the videos. That guy is impressive. Is he training for anything particular?

spk, 1 Man Island and co; I am currently in off-season. Im not too sure if I will be playing soccer next year and hence I am considering my options.



Never mind the fact that HE'S ASIAN!!

J/K Csulli you're a lucky man, I need a training partner like this.


Being taller is much worse for a lot of the hanging challenges, which are probably the hardest part of the show, IMO. Tons of grip work is necessary to do well after the first round.