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Ninja Warrior G4TV


There hasn't been a thread dedicated to this yet, so thought I'd make one to share thoughts/opinions.

Who else watched the marathon on G4 the other day? Man I think this show is AWESOME. Personally I think I could tear some shit up on those courses if given the chance. It's all about grip strength/endurance/strength/speed.

Here's some videos for all you ninja warrior newbies.

Some fellow Michigan guy going through stage 3

some of the funny characters on there lol

some wipeouts.

my favorite contestant is this guy Makoto Nagano

here's some funny tranny trying to conquer stage 1 obstacle course LOL


IMHO, The only time I enjoy Ninja Warrior is when miss munn is doing the obstacle, even though she couldn't pass the first stage last year. I watched last years, that one guy from G4 got pretty damn far.


The only problem with that show is i can't tell if its a re-run or not. And the first stage is boring, after that its pretty sweet. I find it boring to watch dozens of people fail.


i love it. we dont have G4 where i am at, so when we go out of town to someones house who does have it, im glued to the tv for hours.


oh yeahhh i love her, damn that voluptious body. I could watch her run and fail the obstacles all day. I'm visualizing it though with her being butt naked.


nice boobs


Wow she's good.