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Nine Inch Nails

Was just at the Seattle concert Friday Sept23. What a show!! Trent is in fantastic shape since he got sober. Definately one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen. Anyone who says NIN is getting too old is full of shit. Any one else seen or going to see the tour this year?

for example…

Holy shit! THAT is Trent Resnor?! Thinks about what he looked like in the Head Like a Hole video.

How’s the new album?


Here’s a “Before” pic for comparison

New album is good. “Evolution” is the word that comes to mind.

read an article about him- he dropped the drugs and took up lifting. just thinking about it, it’s alot like Donny Bonaduce- gave up drug addiction for excercise addiction- i don’t think he does steroids or goes to the gym anywhere as often, but like drugs- lifting is a lifestyle.

I might be wrong but isn’t Henry Rollins his workout partner?

Looks like a life without cocaine is agreeing with Reznor !!!

Yeah, I saw them when they came to sydney recently. A good tight gig but lacking in emotional energy, he seems to have lost some of the connection with the old songs.

All in all still a good concert :slight_smile:

And he seemed very happy with his new foudn muscles and kept showing them off - Poser.

 I went to the first Woodstock revival in 95.  Was that 95??  I was so sauced at the time I'm STILL a bit punchy.  Anyway Trent came up to our campfire on Sunday night after the whole thing was over and hung out awhile (covered in mud of course).  I would have said "Hey what's up?" or something but I was HEAVILY medicated and unable to speak.  They kicked arse in concert and so did Henry Rollins, who also performed......made me wanna get a big friggin tatoo of a sun on my back (which I still do).