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Dear God in heaven…
How have I gone 22 years, 5 of them in college, without listening to this music??
Flame away, I probably won’t hear you since I’ve got Hurt on endless repeat hehe…

maybe because you just now turned into a bi-sexual sadist.

“Head Like A Hole” was always a favorite.

Johnny Cash’s cover of “Hurt” is totally badass too.


We’re the same age? Freaky, I didn’t realize that.

But I do have to wonder how you’ve never heard NIN. Did your parents own one of them ol’ timey radios?

I was one of those very nice homeschooled christian children…don’t know what happened hehe!
I’ve still got a list of movies I’ve never seen that other people consider essential :slight_smile:

Trent is amazing. The fragile is without a doubt one of the best albums of all time.

“I wanna fuck you like an animal” clearly brings to mind images of bluebirds in love

I like the old stuff. “That’s what I get!” and others!

Yeah that Johnny Cash rendition is just plain spooky.

Someone just discovering NIN…considering I started listening to them in '91 while still in school, I am feeling damn old all of a sudden.

Two months from thirty, methinks its time for a midlie crisis.

How dare you people!?!

A couple of days ago I started a thread on Led Fucking Zeppelin's new live release and hardly anyone responds to it. Now I see someone mention Nine Inch Nails and everyone praises Trent Resnor. What gives?

What the hell is this world coming to.

Jimmy Page was buying Aleister Crowly's mansion when Resnor was sucking on his mom's teet. Kids and their music these days...*shakes head*


IN was my favoriite for a long time. I really like his earlier stuff better, though.

danreeves- midlife crises can be fun!! impish grin I’ve been involved in several haha…people do the funniest things.
nephorm- what’s up in italy? :slight_smile: yea, we’re pretty close in age, i just graduated a little ahead of schedule for my class.
I don’t know, I kind of liked the johnny cash version. But I like johnny cash to start with, soo…
I’ve got such a bad habit of doing this. I had never listened to Michael Jackson until I heard all the Weird Al parodies…gotta quit doing it backwards!


What was that? I couldn’t hear you. The floorboards on your porch were creaking too loud…that and your Bloodhound started barking.

Nice rocking chair though…betcha’ it glides like butta’.

I am certain that you need to get going as you have some neighborhood kids to yell at…

Hey you kids…get offa my lawn!..sick 'em zeke, sick 'em!

“I know what I don’t believe in. I know what I’ve rejected. But I’m not sure what I do believe in.”

~ Reznor Trent, Nine Inch Nails, Guitar & Vocals, May 17, 1965

If you ever see the “head like a hole” maxi-single in a used CD shop pick it up. Theres some great remixes on there, “down in it” in particular.

The video for Cash’s cover is quite good - and goes a long way in explaining why he chose the song.

Here’s a excellent site I found. Check out the discography page. Bet you’ll find lots of stuff that you didn’t know existed!


elveneyes, didya see NIN made the Top 100 soong list? Why the hell they didn’t pick “Head Like a Hole” is beyond me.

“We see things not as they are, but as we are.”

Anais Nin

Oops, sorry. Wrong “Nin”…

ooo chardawg…
literate humor?? :wink:

I know, I know. I’m sorry. :wink: