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Nikola Tesla - Does anyone know who he is

Nikola Tesla,

Do you mean the Croatian born-American who was in a constant arguement with Michael Faraday about which type of current (direct or alternating) would be the predominant mode for the future (Tesla thought that direct had more benefits, and would, therefore, be the standard)?

Hi Dainon. I have to correct you here a bit, as I sit right now approximately 70 miles to the west of the place he was born :)) : Tesla was in fact a Serbian born in Croatia and later became USA citizen. He always pointed out that he was proud of his Serbian roots and Croatian fatherland. (if only all the other people followed his ethnicity/nationality ideas in ex. Yugoslavia during 1990’s :-(().

Krazzy, kako to da govoris srpski?

Ja sam rodjen u Beogradu. Moj otac je Srbin. Odakle si ti? Nisam gledao odavno ovaj “post” pa nisam video tvoje pitanje.

The actual Philadelphia Experiment was suposedly an attempt to use Tesla’s theories to make a ship invisible to RADAR, but people distorted the truth to the point where the ship was just plain invisible. Basically, the experiment was early “stealth” technology.

:slight_smile: I live in Rijeka,Croatia. The last name is Aksentijevic, hence the nick “Axy”. I used to post under my real name, “Sasa Aksentijevic” before. What a coincidence, my father is Serbian too. :slight_smile: Anyway, where do you live now?

I replied in Serbian but it never made it to the forum sorry. I live close to NYC. I “left” the Army (JNA) on my first leave and came to the US. I’ve been here since early '92

Yes, I have know about Tesla, only what I have read (about 5 books). I think he was a man waaaayyyyyyy ahead of hiv time, too bad the government took his research and classified it secret or some such.

IMHO he is one of the great minds of the last 1000 or so years.


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