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Nikola Tesla - Does anyone know who he is

Me and some friends got into a discussion about Nikola Tesla and how little people know of him? I am just curious if anyone else is aware of Nikola Tesla and many of his accomplishments that where robbed? Just curious to see if other people have heard about one of the greatest inventors / genius around. I personally think he was a little better than Einstein since he made things come true. If anyone is interested in seeing what he did. They can go to this PBS page which has a great basic info on this mans life. www.pbs.org/tesla/index.html Whats really is cool if you go to this page… www.pbs.org/tesla/index.html…(about his missing papers) and go down to the bottom and click on documents. They are def. some interesting reading. Documents from the 70’s and early 80’s dealing with his “missing” papers and works and how they could be in the hands of the soviets.

Supposedly the two (Einstein and Tesla) worked together on a mathematecal theory of time travel. Tesla also created a working model of an “Earthquake” device that could fit in a palm. Interesting that Mr. Tesla recieve far less credit and acclaimation than his counterpart Mr. Einstein. Perhaps it was that his creations and theories were even more threatening to meanstream ideology and pedagogy than his pal.

MBE: "Being hsi own Earthquake machine since 1905."


Rumor has it the two hand their hands in the Philadelphia Experiment of '43. I don’t know how true that is, but it borders onto the freaky.

I hold Tesla with a very high regard. Some of the things he has accomplished or been a part of are quite interesting.

Many people haven?t heard of him because on his death the Army confiscated his papers claming national security. Most of those papers are still classified.

Yes, Tesla was a legitimate genius. He was also a bit of a raving nut. There exists a subculture of folks who are devoted to anything and everything Tesla (we’re getting into ancient astronaut/alien mind control territory here). Bottom line: he was a very smart man with some psychiatric issues…not unlike some of his modern day devotees.

Yes, I have also heard of him, and he is not given his due credit. I would consider him smarter than even Newton.

He did invent quite a bit, and he was also cuckoo. Toward the end of his life, he subsisted only on a diet of Ritz crackers because he thought they were the perfect food. He also had a wife, but never in his life had sex. When he was in his 40’s, he believed that x-ray technology would keep him young forever, perhaps even give him eternal youth. So he x-rayed himself over and over again several times per day until he reached a point where his skin started turning black and flaking off. I’ve never heard of an odder inventor than Tesla. He truly is a character. I think that if there’s ever a movie made about him, Steve Buscemi would be the perfect actor to play him.

He was also a thermophile (much like Oliver Heaviside), and required a very very hot room to work. I think there’s a lot of mysticism associated with Tesla because he liked to project the ‘mad scientist’ image. There are also some myths floating around, such as that he thought he was communicating with aliens. The truth is that his radio picked up the radio emissions of a pulsar, and he mistook the regular bursts of sound as being communication from an alien race. But yes, he was brilliant.

Tesla was laughed at by Edison when he said AC power is the way to go. Edison later turned his back on his own DC power and took credit for AC power. Oh, and the death ray; can’t forget the death ray. Nikola Tesla rules!

He found (made up?) an electric field which wasn’t inverse-square & could send electricy or a message (or something like that) faster than light. I don’t know why people don’t see him as a god or something like Einstein or Newton, not that he was THAT good, but pretty amazing.

Great mind. Was robbed of a lot of things.

Five oh is a bit misinformed. If anyone would like more specific info I can provide it. There are also some very good books about him. (Some are in Serbian). I?ll post the list of books tomorrow. (I?m going to bed now) Also I visited Tesla museum in Belgrade this summer and if you want to see some photos I can post them.

krazziekathy, which books have you read?

Hey Id like to see some of those pictures. I think it would be cool. What books have you read of this man?

Krazzykathy to flabulous and Lou
Here are the books I?ve read

  1. “Tesla-man out of time” by Margaret Cheney
  2. “Tesla, a biographic novel of the world greatest inventor” by Tad Wise
  3. “Prodigal genius -the life of Nikola Tesla” by John O?Neill
  4. “My Inventions” the autobiography of Nikola Tesla
  5. Nikola Tesla on his work with alternating currents and ? 300+ pages of interviews
  6. “Complete patents of Dr Nikola Tesla” 500+ pages
  7. The fantastic inventions of Nikola Tesla" by Nikola Tesla
  8. The inventions researches and writings of Nikola Tesla
  9. (booklet) “Nikola Tesla the man who harvested Niagara Falls” by Marc Seifer
    I also have some books in Serbian I picked up in Belgrade this summer but haven?t had a chance to read yet. I will post some picture over the weekend when I have some free time.

Was he the lead singer?

I know he invented the Tesla Coil (very cool device). Is he the same guy who tried to electrically charge the earth so he could send signals through it?

Nicola Tesla is a total bad-ass! Do I know who you’re talking about? Give me a break. He’s the biggest bruiser(when it comes to electronics,etc) in history. What a beast!

Nikola Tesla had nothing to do with the Philadelphia experiment, because there was no Philadelphia experiment. The ship that supposedly “disapeared” was never even in that harbor. The entire thing was a hoax made up by some one seeking attention.