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Nikki Haley...for President?

Okay…hear me out, guys.

I’ve liked Haley for some time now.

She IS Conservative…but in a very red State seemed to always “Bridge the Gap” between Left/Right and Liberal/Conservative Policy. (Would that make her too “RHINO”?)

I think she is kicking ass now as U.N. Ambassador.

After Trump’s eight years (I’m on record as saying that how long he is in office is on him)…could she finally be the first woman President?

She would have to navigate some affair allegations that cropped up a couple of years ago…but other than that…I feel she is solid. (But I’m biased!)

Could the extremes of the Left AND Right get their heads out their asses long enough to support her?

Just something I thought would be interesting to throw around.


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One other thing.

When Haley was placed in the National Spotlight…she didn’t seem to “Crash and Burn” the way Bobby Jindal did when he gave the Republican Response (after what I recall was a Presidential State of the Union?).

Both (along with Rubio) were considered GOP “rising stars” when they began to gain national recognition.

(DANG…I remember feeling BAD for Jindal! It was bad!)

Let’s see… a woman who isn’t a progressive liberal, she’s off the plantation as far as the Dems are concerned.

She could absolutely win, but she would have to survive the character assassination deluge. If she so much as did a keg stand in college they will try to destroy her.

Conservative women and minorities get MORE heat then white males. Would be fun to watch a strong woman not play victim.

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This is an interesting topic. I was trying to imagine who might take the reins after a Trump administration. I have always wished for a “moderate” of either party with the hope of taming some to the partisan rancor. I admittedly don’t know much about her, but your description sounds promising. Unfortunately, I agree with BG in that her character would be “assassinated” in the primaries. But, IF she could survive that …

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I think she would be interesting, but I think it would be extremely challenging for and “moderate” candidate to make it out of the primaries. Maybe Haley can change that trend, but it would be a tough road.

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Her ability to win (and any Republican) will be tied the success or failure of the current administration. I don’t care if she can turn water to wine. As we’ve seen, 3 terms is really difficult for a party.


Pretty much this nails it. If Trump is successful and the GOP has a decent approval rating Republicans will have a shot 8 years from now. If not historically we hate to vote for a party for President three times in a row (recent history especially). Dems couldn’t do it despite Obama having popular approval ratings (though they did run the one person who could lose to Trump).

If Trump is GWB level of dissatisfaction GOP will lose no matter who they run.

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Three (or more) successful terms has only been done twice (in modern times). Roosevelt to Truman and then Ronald Reagan To GHW Bush in 92’. So, over 70 years it’s only been done twice.

But, should Trump win a second term, and I think there is a good chance he might, Haley would be a good candidate to consider. As a women it would be a breath of fresh air and might look like a change, something people want after 8 years.

As side note, those who think Trump won’t get reelected only need to look at history. The only two modern day Presidents who were not reelected were Jimmy Carter who had the Iran hostage crisis weighing him down and an incredible political star to run against, Ronald Reagan. And GHW Bush who had to contend with Bill Clinton a consummate politician. Also a third party run by billionaire Ross Perot who received 19% of the vote most of which many feel was taken from Bush.

But, yes I like Haley. She’d have to get through probably 20 competitors to get the nomination but it could be done.

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There are a new unknowables.

What will the economic situation be? If the economy had been strong under GWB, McCain might have beat Obama.

How many billionaires will be supporting pet projects again in the primaries? Will she be running against just Pence or a gaggle of ducks?

Will the Korean situation literally blow up in our faces?

Will Trump deliver on his promises to the Rust Belt? Be impeached? Figure out how to get the GOP politicians to stop fighting each other long enough to solve a problem?

Maybe we should talk again in 2019.

NO QUESTION, paules.

A LOT can happen (especially with the current Administration) in 4 days…and we are talking about 4-8 YEARS!

In terms of Pence…he is sort of coming off as kind of a weasel…and a Toadie to Trump’s Scott Farkus (“A Christmas Story” reference for you younger bucks!). Even if you don’t get the reference; I think Haley can stand her own with him. (SHOULD it come to that point).

Another point about Haley…I think that after 1-2 terms with Trump…I think she would have truly honed her Political Skills (which are already pretty sharp).

But paules is right…there are a LOT of “ifs” between now and 2019.

Good discussion, though!

Thanks, guys!

[quote=“zeb1, post:8, topic:231623”]
She’d have to get through probably 20 competitors…[/quote]

You think there will be that many vying for the GOP nomination after Trump’s tenure, Zeb?

(Could be right…there were 17-20 the last time?)

By the time she can run:

Governor? Check.

Foreign policy experience? Check.

Female? Check.

Unconventional and impressive background, daughter of immigrants? Check.

Telegenic and articulate? Check and check.

Moderate enough to appeal to independents? Check.

Add it all up - she doesn’t stand a chance. It’s more likely the GOP will nominate a former professional wrestler convicted of tax fraud before Haley, as long as said professional wrestler spends 99% “trolling” the Left.


Stone Cold for President?

Austin 20:20 !?

I’m going to make a fortune in un-licenced bumper stickers!


Damn, TB…

I know that was meant to be a little tongue-in-cheek…

But sadly you may not be far from being entirely spot-on…



Whatchoo gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you?!?!


I may have laid it on a little thick, but I think the basis is true. The virtues of talent, competence, prudence, and professionalism have all taken a back seat to one singular mission - who will troll the Left? Who will snark, zing, and otherwise flip-off the Left? The cruder the better. Unless the GOP makes a strong turn in a different direction, that will be the defining criterion for a while.

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If you look at the GOP field it is very deep. Most of the candidates who ran last time will most likely run again. There will also be new names to add to the list.

But Haley has as good an opportunity to capture the nomination as anyone. But, as someone else said it is far too early to make any predictions. So much could happen between now and then.

But, I do like her. She’s a very strong possibility.

That is an issue that the GOP needs to address and codify into a better procedure - sooner rather than later.


We could also throw in Ted Nugent, I guess…

I agree and think that Reince Priebus made some serious tactical errors in planning the GOP debates. There is a way to eliminate more candidates faster and that’s what needs to be done so that they do not end up in a bar room brawl like they did last year. Granted much of that was Trump being in the race. However, they were headed in that direction with or without Trump. When you get that many people vying for the candidacy each wants to be seen and heard and things get out of hand sooner rather than later.