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I need some help over here. I’m seriously thinking about working with Nikken in the UK, as their product range is excellent, and compensation plan looks good, and they havent even really started working the UK yet from a business building kind of sense. Now i dont know whether i’m being mislead or being given false hope/bullshit as to what i can earn or what level of disributor i can be at if i do the work i.e i’m being told that i could be at platinum in 18 months earning ?5000+ monthly. Also i dont want to alienate any of my friends or family by doing this.

It would be great to hear some thoughts, experiences on nikken or MLM or even have a dialogue with anyone wishing to help out a fellow T man

THe theory behind magnetic therapy is sound, but I have no experiance with the Nikken products, so I can’t comment directly on that. I DO know that the depth of penetration of the magnetic field is a key to its effectiveness, and many people will put therapeutic magnets in the same category as copper braclets (big mistake – not even the same mechanism). You could probably do a web search to find all kinds of negative about any particular MLM scheme. Heck, you can find negative about any particular CHURCH by doing a web search. In reality, that proves nothing. The biggest factor in the success of any of these types of business is the support organization you work with. If you’re just being sold a sales kit and told “Good Luck,” then I really wouldn’t expect any measure of success. If there’s a training and motivation structure with a system to work with, then the odds of success are greatly increased. One thing to remember, though, is that ALL of the successful systems are built on a process of duplication. That meaning that any business you start up can do EXACTLY what you did, and (1) not become your competition, and (2) expect the same measure of success. I see a lot of MLMs that are built on placing a classified ad in the paper. What happens when you start up 5 businesses? That’s right – 5 more ads that look like yours and are now your competition. One problem I do have with the Nikken business is that you’re relying on one product line, and it’s not a consumable type product. Not that you can’t make it work, but one household can only consume so many therapeutic magnets. After that, they then become salesman that you’re trying to keep motivated to go out and sell to a diminishing market. You rely on Nikken to come out with new products to sell to (a) people who are already business owners or customers, or (b) find new customers based on this new product. I’m also not familiar with the comensation structure for the Nikken marketing plan, so I can’t comment there either. Maybe you could give some particulars?

Thanks for the detailed reply. I appreciate your time. The comp plan i believe is a breakaway comp plan and i did do some research on it, but the nikken comp plan doesnt sound as bad as what i read. It work like this Every agent gets 25% of retail, and you start aa a Direct agent, then if you sell $1500 of product in one month you are now senior and you get 5% paid back from any future sales. This continues with the next level being executive gaining 10% return once sold $5000, bronze 15% return once sold $10000, and silver 20% ruturn on $20000 sold. The return is personal volume and personal group volume. Once at silver you are then entiltled 6% return on your downlines group volume, and this can go down 2 more levels. This continues with gold going down 3 levels, Platinum going 4 levels, Diamond going 5 levels and Royal diamond going down levels.

Nikken have got consumables like vitamins and skin care, and are bringing out newer products all the time like the new water product.

The far infra red technology is speaking volumes aswell at the mo, and really enhances the eql magnet technology.

If u need more info let me know

Cheers Stevemax

Hmmm. Some interesting details. The only problem I see with this at first glance is the “floor.” That being how many levels down you get paid for. Most often, you’ll see a group grow and you’ll need to go down 4-5 levels before you find that next person who’s as motivated as you are. So you need to do a lot of depth work with no return in the hopes of finding that motivated person before you reach burn-out. Good plans that I’ve seen give you a return on total volume of ALL “downline” without regard to how deep or how big/small. I’m not saying that it won’t work, I just want you to go into this with your eyes open to some of the potential pitfalls.

My mom sells Nikken, was introduced to it by her sister. At first, I was pretty put off by the whole thing. Imagine a salesman you can’t get rid of, and whose feelings you don’t want to hurt. Anyways, after I was in a car accident, I used some of the products, and I was blown away by the effectiveness. I’ve ordered the sleep system, and the water system. I’m not so sure about the marketing side of it, it seems too much like Amway to me. What I do know is that you need to find others willing to distribute for you. My mom’s on the hunt for those people right now. The main problem I had with this is the explanation given for its effectiveness. Do to the FDA, there’s a lot of claims you can’t make, so a lot of it comes across as snake oil. But once you understand the science behind it, it becomes clear. Good luck.

“…seems too much like Amway to me.” And what specific problems di you have with Amway?

My problems with Amway were the whole marketing ploy that they used, not mentioning who they were, kind of sucking people in for 45 minutes of presentation, going on about all the benefits of this plan, before they got around to what you had to do in order to benefit. This was years ago, and if I remember correctly, they wound up getting sued, and had to change some of their approach, so I don’t know how they do it now.

Then what you need to recognize is that you have a problem with how some PEOPLE ran their businesses, not with the compensation plan or the Amway corporation itself. Two things – the Amway corporation never told any one how to run their businesses (quite frankly, they didn’t know how), and currently, the Amway corporation no longer has any operations in the United States.

Alsa wanted to address the lawsuits against the Amway corporation – they were under investigation from the FTC in the early '80s, but were absolved of any charges and are now used as the model against which all other MLM plans are measured. Proctor & Gamble had brought some lawsuits against certain Amway distributors (again, not the company itself) over some rumors that were being perpetuated about the “satanic nature” of the Proctor & Gamble moon symbol.

It sounds like a network marketing organization to me. “Not at there is anything wrong with that.” I sugguest you study network marketing, there are several books out about it. Just remember, most successful network marketeers are the early joiners, with few people about them and they spend most of their time recruiting new marketeers. I seem to remember readin that one very successful marketeer said he needed to recruit one new person a day. Best of Luck.

I stand corrected. I was suprised to learn that Amway no longer had operations in the States. Anyways, my mom had a bunch of marketing material from Nikken, or from her sister, which detailed how to grow the business.

I understand that i gain revenue from as low as 6 levels, but if people arent making there monthly volume quota to recieve their commission then the comp plan goes as deep as it has to, to find the 6th qualifying level, which i in return then pick up compensation all the drib and drabs of volume that wasnt qualified on initially. hope that makes sense.

cheers stevemax

all this talk of magnetic and electric therapy and what not on t-net, where did everyone do their research at first ? sorry its a bit off the topic but im pretty curious… as far as the nikken deal ive had friends try this with similar things and it really requires a lot of effort and even then some didnt do as well as they had hoped mainly due to the stress of relying on other people and not always being able to manage them like at a normal company…

I have no idea where all the research came from. I never really payed much attention to the company until I used their products over the summer to humor my mom. But after that, I was convinced. From what I understand, they started off in Japan looking for ways to make their water better for agricultural purposes, and began to apply the work to other fields. If you go to some of their seminars, there are guys there who do presentations on the science. I’ve never been to any, but from what I understand, it works on the same principle of acupuncture, stimulating the body’s bioelectric energies. Something like that. All I know is that it worked for me, even if I don’t understand the science. Funny how HMB never worked for me, regardless of the science behind it.

Ive got to say the technology is awesome, and the hype about it is real for me. The sleep system they have just knocks me out and i get the best nights sleep i have ever had, and i never realised my sleep could have been improved. And i feel great all day, the energy i get from it just keeps me going like ive never felty before, its like stress just doesnt enter my life. Ive seen and heard of many other peoples product experiences, which do blow me away, so i think why not sell it!