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Nike Romaleos size help!

I keep seeing different things about sizing experiences for people who have bought these shoes. Here are the shoes I wear.

Nike running shoes- 11.5 (toe touches the end, can’t fit finger behind my hell and shoe, so 12 would be a little bit more loose)

Chucks high tops- 11 (toe is close to end but does not touch)

Casual Van’s shoes- 11 (toe is very close to end, not sure if its touching)

I have read to go 1/2 a size smaller than your running shoe to get a snug fit, so I’m thinking an 11.5 would be good because a size 12 running shoe is a tad bit more loose on my foot?

P.S- I have a slightly wider foot.

Order 11.5 you want a snug fit for squat shoes. I seem to have the same foot size as you and have 11.5

Are the romaleos everyone’s favorite because they look cool? I was going to save 70 bucks and get th do-wins, but my size was sold out. Back to romaleos or aid-power.

Any reason why you’re choosing the roms?

I realize that this may be too late to be helpful, but I have pretty wide foot and my Romaleos fit ok. They aren’t exactly comfortable (I hate wearing shoes so you might want to take that assessment with a grain of salt) but they do stretch enough that I can wear them without any issues. Can’t comment on sizing since I had to deal with conversions, but I think my husbands are the same size as his Frees.

And drewc64–yes. I went with the Romaleos because the came in volt. And because my husband has had his for a few years and is quite happy with them.

Well I finally got them! (longest 3 days of my life!). I got the 11.5’s. I squatted in them and I can definitely notice a difference. I felt much more stable. I’m going to have to get use to them like walking the squat out and doing some overhead presses, and of course breaking them in. I’m just concerned about one thing. When I jam my toe all the way to the end of the shoe, I can fit my index finger behind my heel and the back of the shoe. When I walk in them when they are tied and strapped, I feel my heel slipping up and down slightly, not much, but just a little bit. Should I go down 1/2 a size smaller?