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Nike Romaleo 2 in Europe?

Hi there,

I’m going to buy the Nike Romaleo 2’s. I have my Adipowers in size 12, would the Romaleo’s be the same size? Normally Nike is a bit smaller.

And does anyone know a reliable webshop in Europe that sells Romaleo 2’s?


german weightlifting shop.
Be quick though, romaleos 2 are discontinued so theres a finite amount of them.

Funny side note is that one of my teammates works at Nike, and got his Romaleo 2 out of the return bins that were set aside for charity (I think they offer stuff to employees for cheap before giving them away for donation). I think he paid like 10 bucks for them.

I’ll ask him what the inventory is like next time I see him haha. Honestly, I wish I got these but I ended up buying the more economic Powerlift 2s