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Nike Naked Camp


wow, this is pretty ridiculous

funny how the lady's name is fleshman


what the hell? rofl


how about a front shot of the blonde with the red visor :smiley:


Second from the left has a meaty, inviting little dumper on her


What a retarded ad, if you're going to actually jog nude to be "free", why would you wear sneakers?


yup, I sometimes let it all hang out at the gym.


I fail to see how running naked is any more effective than running with a pair of shorts on.


no chaffing ? lol


I guess people are missing the point...

Nike Frees might be easier to find now!

I haven't checked the stores in a year or so, but I've been wearing the same Free's forever and it's time for a new pair.


Running naked is stupid.

I ran track, I know how this works.

If women have ANY breasts at all, its going to hurt like fuck to do anything but walk. Running hard is just going to make them sore, and make them fly around like a bitch and throw off your balance.

Same for men, your dick and balls are going to bounce like crazy, no support at all, your going to smack your balls against your legs the whole run.

And running fast is just going to make it worse.

Even nudists will wear a sports bra or a jockstrap when they exersise.

Running with no support would be hell for both sexes. Ridiculously stupid, it would SEVERELY limit performance.


the bro/chick ratio seems to be discouraging...


LMAO at the people here thinking this is a serious documentary on the benefits of running naked. Seriously guys?



Why would anyone assume this is anything other than a (clever) advertisement for Nike Frees? With a double-entendre name like "Bear Butte" and numerous humorous (read: scripted) scenes like a naked guy holding a hotdog on a plate right above his junk, and the Nike rep making a Freudian slip ("...specifically designed to let your foot move more naked...natural, naturally.") and that finally interview scene ("It just takes Adam a little longer to adjust when we get home."), it seems pretty clear that the whole thing is a joke.

I though the ad was hilarious, and fairly effective, since it certainly aroused my interest in Nike Frees. (aroused? Hmmm...maybe not the best word choice.)

To those of you who own a pair, how do you like them?


I'm very very confused right now.


The old Nike Frees were fucking awesome. The ones that were just made from mesh. I don't think they even make them anymore though, it seems that Nike Free's have been almost completely replaced with Nike Zoom's. A variation of the free but with much more support (which sucks).

I wore a pair of Nike frees for over 3 years, they are the best shoe ever. Good luck finding the good kind though :frowning:


I'm REALLY considering buying a pair of these new ones. I still wear Frees and they are going, fast.