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Nike FuelBand



Who else wants one.

I fucking do, looks awesome!!!!!


no thanks


Fair enough i was actually looking for a watch to wear for work/gym etc and this does that and more.

I like the idea of the tracking of cals burnt and movements etc. A good motivator as well.




Same kind of thing, i think the nike one is better and more technologically advanced. Plus looks pretty cool as well.


I think it looks like a useful tool for whatever your fitness goals are and a pretty intuitive activity/cal. tracker

I like it...


Ye plus doubles as a watch etc and i like how u sync it with your iphone/android phone and pc as well, interesting anyway.

And the software has goals that you aim for, i think it could be a great motivator to make you be more active.



this shit is for the birds (I think it is a neat idea though)



Nah, I dont like it. Looks a bit try hard. Would go well with matching arm and head sweat bands.
As a bird, Im very much a minimalist.
I prefer to wear my casio g-shock watch for all occasions. Although I am thinking of upgrading and having 2-3 g-shocks on cycle.



looks ghey. another gadget for idiot westerners to buy and african slave children to dig metals out the ground for

sent via trained chimp


I'd get one.

I just want to know if it just knows when you're walking like a pedometer and some watches do, or if it knows you're cycling (even stationary) or lifting weights.

And will it know how much beer I drink? Will it tell my old woman?

I hope it doesn't have to work in tandem with a Nike+ shoe microchip because people may want to wear the watch part all day and get their calories and activity level etc. but if they work in an office or whatnot they aren't going to wear Nike running shoes all day.


Nah its completely separate from the running shoe, works standalone.


I'll get one then...whenever they show up here in Taiwan.


I'd rather spend my money on things like food...something that is both essential to living and will actually get me closer to my goals. But to each their own


aren't they made there?!?


Looks like it's meant for tool bags


Yeah, I got my class working around the clock right now.


Seems cool, but kinda pointless.


If they don't meet their quota do you threaten them with the old chew bubble gum and kick some ass line or do you just wrestle them in an alley for 20 minutes?


I think these look pretty cool. If nothing else it would be useful for keeping track of daily non-training activities like walking. I hope it has a heart rate monitor as well, but I haven't seen that in the info yet.

I'm training for one of those tough mudder races and could see this being useful.