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Nike Free's?


Has anyone seen these shoes? They are supposed to be like walking/running in bare feet.

Heres a link to them


What do u all think about them? Does anyone have any experience with them?

Im looking into getting them.



Hey Tom,
I have the Nike Frees and I do like them for endurance runs and for sprinting. They are very light and last considerably long. However, I do more treadmill work as opposed to pavement or track work. I have tried them on the road for a short time and you might prefer a heavier cushioning to protect your feet. Everyone is different so I don't like to generalize but for the treadmill they work really well for me.


Theyre light, and extremely flexible... I have the black/grey Nike Free 5.0 Trainer. They look decent and I find they feel as good as squatting/deadlifting barefoot only your socks stay clean.


Draw a swoosh on your foot and go barefoot.


Some of the most comfortable shoes I have owned. I avoid running in them, as they offer little support, but they make great lifting shoes and are good for lounging in.


I love them. The trainer seemed to be a little more stiff than the runner so I bought the runner. Thanks Prof. X for turning me on to them. I run in mine (appox. 10 miles/wk) and weight train in them (including squats, cleans and deadlifts).


I think the idea is that you won't have the artificial support most running shoes offer but your foot is allowed to perform its natural biomechanical functions without being encumbered by a shoe with too much support.


My boyfriend and I each have a pair. His have not held up very well (the fabric is really thin) but he does like lifting in them.

I like mine for running, and everyday wear as they are a great pink/green combination. :slight_smile: However, I don't like lifting in them b/c I tend to fall off the sole (roll over onto my ankle) while deadlifting.


I get the idea, I just don't think it is a good idea, at least for me. I need all the support and padding I can get.

Say, Brian, where abouts in Kansas are you? I'm at Ft Riley myself.


They're a good show but have limitations. If you arn't usually barefoot for most activities you may not like the feeling of having no support.

I usually wear them for jumping rope and working out. But even jumping rope it can still shock your knees.

For running, jogging, even walking on the island I live - its almost useless when going downhill. The island is very mountaineous, you'er either going down or up. When you do downhill in this shoe you wont feel comfortable or supported. Uphill isnt really an issue.


Out in Topeka. Moved here from St. Louis late last year. Things are a little slow out here though.


Fuk the Frees, did you see they had the dunks on there. Dunks are my all-time favs. I have 4 pairs. Had them when I was a kid, the best shoes I've ever owned. I'm a Nike shoe FREAK. Retro Jordans, 180 Barkleys, Dunks, Ace 83s, Terminators, and of course "stompin in my air force 1s".


Have 'em, lift in 'em, love 'em.

If you get them, make sure to use the thinner included insole-- the thicker one negates some of the effect of the articulated ultrathin sole.


I don't have Free's but...

From what I remember some T-Nation authors or some article from somewhere espoused the benefits of having strong feet, which these shoes would probably help train.

Makes sense, strong feet=better grip and traction which translates into more efficient transfer of force.


Thanks alot for all ur responses.

I am probably gonna get them for the summer, because now im not doing much of anything other than studying alot. In the summer, i will be much more active.

Not to mention by the summer, they will be like 20 bucks! :slightly_smiling:

Thanks alot


Just got a pair of Nike Frees, and I like them already. One question, though: are they meant to be worn sockless or with really thin athletic socks? I can't put them on with a normal-thickness sock, but they fit nicely sockless or with thin socks.


Free 7.0's are the shit. It's all I wear to the gym anymore.


Same here...and no, you don't need to wear socks.


For those of you with Free's are you finding the sizing to be accurate or should I go up or down a size by 1/2?


Nike's always seem to be a size bigger for me. I wear a 12 in almost everything, but usually a 13 in Nike's.